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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

25 Amazing Skyscraper Concepts

An architect maybe the drawer of dreams, but the art acts most slowly and surely on the soul. In what is described as the science of drawing and erecting buildings and other physical structure, it is the unwavering vision and imagination of the creators that adds the human feeling to mortar and steel. Presented here is a recap of the 25 most outstanding designs and concepts of the 2012 evolo Skyscraper Competition. Each one as breathtaking as the other!

1) Himalaya Water Tower by Zhi Zheng, Hongchuan Zhao & Dongbai Song

2) Mountain Band-Aid by Yiting Shen, Nanjue Wang, Ji Xia & Zihan Wang

3) Vertical Landfill by Lin Yu-Ta

4) Citadel Skyscraper by Victor Kopieikin & Pavlo Zabotin

5) Occupy Skyscraper by Ying Xiao & Shengchen Yang

6) Folded City by Adrien Piebourg & Bastien Papetti

7) Migrant Skyscraper by Damian Przybyła & Rafał Przybyła

8 ) House of Babel by MADETOGETHER – Nikita Asadov

9) Plastic Fish Tower by Kim Hongseop, Cho Hyunbeom, Yoon Sunhee & Yoon Hyungsoo

10) Tower of Babel by Maciej Nisztuk

11) Mountain City by Charly Duchosal

12) Coal Power Plant Mutation by Chipara Radu Bogdan

13) District 3 – Skyscraper of Liberation by Xiaoliang Lu & Yikai Lin

14) Bridge of Hope Skyscraper by Mohammed Adib, Ivan Arellano, Jordi Cunill, Maria Teresa Farre, Christian Koester & Davide Roncato

15) Vertical Ground by George Kontalonis, Jared Ramsdell, Nassim Es-Haghi & Rana Zureikat

16) Airport Skyscraper by ZhiYong Hong & XueTing Zhang

17) Aakash by Lemire Abdul Halim Chehab, Suraj Ramkumar Suthar & Swapnil Sanjay Gawande

18 ) Cliff Dwellings by PLUG: Román J. Cordero Tovar, Eric Israel Dorantes, Daniel Justino Rodríguez & Izbeth K. Mendoza Fragoso

19) Human Rights Skyscraper in Beijing by Ren Tianhang, Luo Jing & Kang Jun

20) Noah's Ark: Sustainable City by Aleksandar Joksimovic & Jelena Nikolic

21) Tundra City by Pavel Sipkin

22) GreenGru Airportscraper by Gerasimos Pavlidis

23) Oceanscraper by Hui Chen & Luying Guo

24) Tehran Tower by Mahdi Kamboozia, Alireza Esfandiari, Nima Dehghani & Mohammad Ashkbar Sefat

25) Floaring City by Wei Zhao


  1. These skyscrapers look like something from the next millennium.I'm so impressed with the structure engineering of these buildings but I don't think they're feasible anytime soon.

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