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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Seven skull inspired gadgets for your freakish desire

 Naaz: Skull inspired gadgets Skull inspired gadgets for your freakish desire. Most of us are scared of the image of skulls as it looks quite macabre. But there are designers who know how to come up with scintillating creations inspired by the macabre skulls. Most of these creations feature human skulls, but some designers have also come up with items featuring skulls of the animals. These skull inspired creations look cool and is perfect for those who are not terrified of holding skull in their hands. Here is the list of seven skull inspired gadgets for your freakish desire. 1. Skull speakers Skull Speakers They may look olde and crusty, but they're actually powered speakers. The skull speakers are a perfect item for the locker of The Pirates of the Caribbean villain Davy Jones. The skulls used to create these innovative speakers are little rugged and crusty but these speakers are very handy and useful. You can connect these uniquely designed skull speakers to your

Eight eccentric cameras you’d never use

Dino Renthlei: eccentric cameras Eccentric cameras you'd never use Cameras have to be one of the greatest inventions ever. Being able to catch on film moments that you cherish means that you can keep on record memories that can otherwise be forgotten. Cameras have progressed from simple boxes to designs that are now so sleek that they don't even look like cameras. But like all gadgets, they too aren't safe from designers who like to churn out wacky creations just for the fun of it. And while you may not go out and get yourself one, you have to appreciate the ingenuity behind the designs. Below are 8 of the most eccentric cameras ever created that not only look quirky but function as well. 1. Deer horns camera Horns Camera Horns Camera by Wayne Martin Belger. This rustic and wild looking camera by Wayne Martin Belger is truly one of a kind. He designs pinhole cameras which originated centuries ago. For those not in the know, a pinhole camera is one that does no

10 steampunk music players for that retro melodic experience

 Mukim: Simon Jansen's Steampunk record player Simon Jansen's Steampunk record player Music is the best companion to fill in the empty space in your life, having no bar with regard to age, caste, creed or sex of an individual. It adds a musical tune to your preoccupied mind, relaxing it and providing enough solace, sending positive energy to induce your mind and body. Considered as the best stress-reliever by millions of its lovers across the globe, music, however, has a huge legacy and variation behind it to follow. Capable of soothing all kinds of mood swings, one can fall back on it anytime, anywhere, depending upon taste, mood and temperament in which you choose to spend some quality time listening to it. With a variety of deviations and latest advancements in musical instruments and sound recording systems, steam-punk art form of music has managed to steal the hearts of many, as it imparts the retro melodic experience, making it stand out from the rest of its kind. C