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10 steampunk music players for that retro melodic experience


Simon Jansen's Steampunk record player
Simon Jansen's Steampunk record playerSimon Jansen's Steampunk record player

Music is the best companion to fill in the empty space in your life, having no bar with regard to age, caste, creed or sex of an individual. It adds a musical tune to your preoccupied mind, relaxing it and providing enough solace, sending positive energy to induce your mind and body. Considered as the best stress-reliever by millions of its lovers across the globe, music, however, has a huge legacy and variation behind it to follow. Capable of soothing all kinds of mood swings, one can fall back on it anytime, anywhere, depending upon taste, mood and temperament in which you choose to spend some quality time listening to it. With a variety of deviations and latest advancements in musical instruments and sound recording systems, steam-punk art form of music has managed to steal the hearts of many, as it imparts the retro melodic experience, making it stand out from the rest of its kind. Check out these music players for your retro retreat.

1. Steam punk music players

steampunk music players
steampunk music playerssteampunk music players

A fusion of science, fiction, fantasy as well as alternate and speculative history, this music form came into existence in the late 1980's and early 1990's. An exclusive setting that uses steam power, which generally dates back to the Victorian era Britain, incorporating elements from any one of the above mentioned fields, these music players are based on the Victorian way of looking at fashion, culture, architectural style and art. A perfect mix of old with new, imparting a retro-music effect that can enthrall you completely.

2. Steam punk plasma speakers

Steampunk plasma speaker
Steampunk plasma speakerSteampunk plasma speaker

Designed and crafted by Polish artist Conscious Flesh, these vintage-look speakers are incorporated by using plasma arc speakers with a retro punk stylization that produces sound waves in an unconventional and unique manner, different from those using diaphragms as woofers and tweeters to move the air. Instead, this instrument enables heating up of the air with its high frequency electric discharge which in turn leads to expansion of the air around, creating pressure to act as sound waves. Apart from its internal feature, its look is sure to leave you mesmerized.

3. Handmade pipe steam speakers

Handmade pipe steam speakers
Handmade pipe steam speakersHandmade pipe steam speakers

This variety of speakers are crafted by hand, using PVC pipes, each one of this houses a 3″ magnesium or aluminium alloy driver and a 20mm Textile Dome tweeter. A 2-way crossover frequency is installed to create a response of 65-20,000. The back is posted by a 3-way binding and a bass port which produces an excellent sound stage. Priced at $ 350 a pair, this one is worth the bucks.

4. The clockwork Quartet

The Clockwork Quartet
The Clockwork QuartetThe Clockwork Quartet

This marvelous piece of machine has been built by banjo player Will Segerman for a musical group called The Clockwork Quartet, after whose name the instrument has been christened. Though this group of artists have just begun rehearsing for their first show at House of Strange studios, they are sure the most-awaited lot for all steam-punk lovers. A combination of brass and steam, spotted at the steam-punk workshop, this is an awe-inspiring musical machine.

5. Steam-punk i-Pod skin

Steampunk iPod skin
Steampunk iPod skinSteampunk iPod skin

i-Pods, the most popular musical gadget with today's young generation, this one is a retro modern mechanical device created by Artist Colin Thompson. Priced at $ 14.95, this vinyl skinned i-pod is an alternative approach to the high-tech hardware settings of your fantastic and latest i-pod, conceptualized by using gears, springs and levers.

6. Simon Jansen's steam punk record player

Simon Jansen's Steampunk record player
Simon Jansen's Steampunk record playerSimon Jansen's Steampunk record player

An Arduino controlled, turn-able machine, this record player has been designed by Simon Jansen of Auckland in New Zealand, to play a Sex Pistols LP. The engine has been made using bits of junk from the maker's garage, while the boiler has been made from a copper water pipe. However, for the bespoke platter and base, wood has been used. This entire creation is a mere work of experiment which has proved to be very successful for its concept-er.

7. Pocket Hi-Fi C4 Pro

Pocket HiFi C4 Pro
Pocket HiFi C4 ProPocket HiFi C4 Pro

Styled out of wood and gold, this steam-punk audio player uses CIRRUS Logic CS4398 DAC and CS 8422 SRC chip-set, which makes its sound clear and crisp to achieve 108 gB signal-to-noise ratio audible to the human ear.The output of this instrument is MW, with a port of SPDIF. Apart from its traditional basic design, it comes with enough memory storage space with a micro SD card slot, headphones that support 6.3 mm and 3.5 mm jacks and an outstanding sound quality. It has been priced at $ 800.

8. Victorian MP3 Players

Victorian MP3 Players
Victorian MP3 PlayersVictorian MP3 Players

A sci-fi futuristic setting in MP3 players, this one is sure to take you the past, into the Victorian age with its fascinating look and latest features. Fulfilling all the requirements of a latest MP3 player, this one, with its highly retrospective look, is awaiting to adorn your palms as well as your room.

9. Steam punk CD player

Steampunk CD Player
Steampunk CD PlayerSteampunk CD Player

A usual CD player with an unusual look, created by steampunker using modern technology, this design utilizes a regular portable CD player and a pair of amplified speakers which have undergone metamorphosis, using a brass plate at its base to place the electronic segment below it, while the dome has been done with a smoothed and shaped brass sheet to cover the spinning disk. The rest of the intricate details and also the exterior has been finished using wood as its ingredient whereas the electronic work compiles its lights, control buttons and the two analog meters. Totally deceptive by its look, you are sure to get confused in judging it.

10. Steam punk Retro Wooden radio

retro wooden radio
retro wooden radioretro wooden radio

A light-weight, slim and easy-to carry portable radio, best for picnics, camping or even as a piece of decor to adorn your home, this piece of music contains bright, shiny dials and buttons on the top. A perfect retro radio for all steam punk lovers.

Steam punk, being an art form that uses modern technology inspired by Victorian times, is a perfect fusion of past with the present and thus has created a niche in everyone's heart and soul for itself.

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