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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Seven most unusual stadiums in the world

 Retesh: World games stadium This Taiwanese stadium is world's largest solar powered sports ground Sports, like any other entertainment, have attracted designers and architects to design unique arena for its spectators. World wide sports lovers dream to visit best stadiums to enjoy their favorite soccer game or even cricket series. Every country strives to build a comfortable and spectacular stadium for its sport loving crowd. But ever increasing environment consciousness has instigated architects to design unusual and Eco-friendly grounds. Here's a list of few best and unusual sport arenas from around the world. 1. Floating platform at Marina Bay, Singapore Marina Bay, Singapore Largest sports platform on water This pride possession of Singapore is the largest platform built on water. It is situated at Marina Reservoir in Marina Bay. This pure steel made sports stage stretches up to 120 meters length wise and 83 meters wide. It is best suited for any world class so

Seven worst PC keyboards you would want to type on

 Mishra: Worst keyboards to type on The 7 worst keyboards of all times Keyboards are the basic input device of any computing device and perhaps the most important feature in any computer, but if you feel that typing on a keyboard has always been easy, then you are in for a big surprise. There have been more than one occasions where the manufacturers have got it all wrong. From lacking basic keys to confusing arrangement of the keyboard to simply unfeeling flat keyboards, there have been numerous occasions when typing on a key board hasn't been easy. Some of the Keyboards being covered in this article are so difficult to type that it would be no less than a nightmare to work on them. There have even been times when a newly created PC failed in the market because of its totally awful keyboard. The seven worst PC keyboards that you would never wish to handle are- 1. IBM PCjr- IBMPCjr keyboard the topper in the list of worst keyboards ever created. It was the first eve