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Seven most unusual stadiums in the world


World games stadium
World games stadiumThis Taiwanese stadium is world's largest solar powered sports ground

Sports, like any other entertainment, have attracted designers and architects to design unique arena for its spectators. World wide sports lovers dream to visit best stadiums to enjoy their favorite soccer game or even cricket series.

Every country strives to build a comfortable and spectacular stadium for its sport loving crowd. But ever increasing environment consciousness has instigated architects to design unusual and Eco-friendly grounds. Here's a list of few best and unusual sport arenas from around the world.

1. Floating platform at Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina Bay, Singapore
Marina Bay, SingaporeLargest sports platform on water

This pride possession of Singapore is the largest platform built on water. It is situated at Marina Reservoir in Marina Bay. This pure steel made sports stage stretches up to 120 meters length wise and 83 meters wide. It is best suited for any world class soccer game. It can hold crowd weight of 9000 people. It holds a seating capacity of 30,000 audiences.

2. World games Stadium, Taiwan

World games stadium
World games stadiumThis Taiwanese stadium is world's largest solar powered sports ground

This solar powered stadium is the largest solar powered stadium in the world. The huge solar power panels incorporated in the stadium produce 1.4 Giga bytes energy every year. This is not only sufficient to feed the requirement of the stadium but realizes the power appetite of neighborhood when stadium is not in use. This huge stadium is eco sustainable.

3. Veltin –Arena, Gelsenkirchen , Germany

Veltin-ArenaMarvelous stadium in munich, germany

Situated in north of Munich, it just doesn't host world class soccer games but also entertains the boxing, ice hockey and even opera enthusiasts. Its slide out pitch and space age fiber glass roof is hallmark of this magnificent structure. Interesting aspect of this stadium is its changing exterior colors like chameleon. Red light up when Bayern Munich is playing, white as German national team is on ground and blue when 1860 Munich plays. It has an audience capacity of 69901.

4. Eco stadium, Brazil

Eco stadium, Brazil
Eco stadium, BrazilThis stadium is made of recycled wood and eco-sustainable resources

Janguito Malucelli, first green stage of Brazil, is located in Curitiba. The stadium is constructed with recycled wood. Its 6000 spectators can use grass covered seating to watch their favorite soccer game.

5. Gospin Dolac, Croatia

Gospin Dolac Croatia
Gospin Dolac CroatiaThis picturesque stadium is visitors paradise

A stadium with dual treat. Best is you can watch sportsmen in action and second, enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty of surrounding. Located next to 500mtrs deep fall into a lake, it is home stadium of NK Imotski Football Club. It has a seating capacity for 4000 spectators.

6. Saporo dome, Japan

Sapro Dome
Sapro DomeUnique saucer like sport arena in snow filled city

This 8300 ton field slides in and out like flying saucer, in this snow bitten Japanese city. This saucer shape stadium opens up to fresh sir and sunlight on bright days. And also let the visiting audience enjoy the game of baseball or soccer when it is not snowing.

7. Estadio municipal, Portugal

Estadio municipal, Portugal
Estadio municipal, PortugalDefining Portuguese love for sport and color

This colorful sport retreat is handiwork of Portuguese architect, Thomas Taveira. He has assimilated the spectrum of red, blue, green, and yellow, orange, black to bring about this visually appealing architecture.


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