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50+ years of Japanese concept cars

 Toyota Proto, 1957
 Toyota Proto, 1957
 Toyota Publica Sports, 1962
 Nissan Prince Sprint 1900 Prototype, 1963
 Toyota Concept, 1966
 Mazda RX 87 (Bertone), 1967
 Isuzu Bellett MX1600 (Ghia), 1969
 Toyota EX-1, 1969
 Toyota EX-II, 1969
 Toyota EX-III, 1969
 Mazda RX-500, 1970
 Mazda RX-500, 1970
 Isuzu MX1600-II
 Nissan 126X, 1970
 Nissan 270X, 1970
 Nissan 216X, 1971
 Nissan Skyline Concept, 1972
 Toyota EX-7, 1972

 Toyota RV-2, 1972
 Toyota F101, 1973
 Nissan AD-1 Concept, 1975
 Nissan NX-21, 1983
 Nissan CUE-X, 1985
 Daihatsu TA-X80, 1987
 Mitsubishi HSR II, 1989
 Nissan Boga, 1989
 Nissan Figaro Concept, 1989
 Nissan FEV, 1991
 Mazda London Taxi, 1993
 Mitsubishi ESR, 1993
Nissan AP-X, 1994
 Suzuki EE-10, 1993
 Nissan Hypermini, 1997
 Nissan TrailRunner, 1997
 Nissan KYXX, 1998
 Honda Fuya-Jo, 1999
 Mazda Miata Mono-Posto, 1999
 Isuzu Zen, 2001
 Toyota POD, 2001
 Isuzu FL-4, 2002
 Honda IMAS, 2003
 Honda KIWAMI, 2003
 Honda Pro Drag Civic Si, 2003
 Nissan Jikoo, 2003
 Toyota FINE-S, 2003
 Toyota MTRC, 2004
 Infiniti Kuraza, 2005
 Mazda Senku, 2005
Mitsuoka Orochi, 2005
 Nissan Zaroot, 2005
 Acura Advanced Sedan, 2006
 Mazda Nagare, 2006
 Nissan Terranaut, 2006
 Acura Advanced Sports Car, 2007
 Mazda Taiki, 2007
 Nissan Mixim, 2007
 Nissan Bevel, 2007
 Nissan Pivo-2, 2007
 Honda FC Sport Concept, 2008
 Mazda Kiyora, 2008
 Honda P-NUT, 2009
 Infiniti Essence, 2009
 Nissan Land Glider, 2009
 Isuzu FC-12
 Isuzu Fire Fighter 2
 Isuzu FL-1/FL-4/FL-10
 Isuzu Lunar Rover
 Isuzu Super Heavy Dumptruck
Lexus Minority Report Concept, 2054

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  1. The Nissan TrailRunner concept is pretty interesting. A combination of buggy and sports car into one. I think my certified pre owned mazda would still be a good car for a bout a year before I modify it.

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  3. Probably the most amazing for me is the Miata Mono-Posto, or is it the weirdnes that comes out first when you look ask the used car dealers long island. The Toyota MTRC is the best and most believable concept that will be out on the future.

  4. Just look at all the concept vehicles! I know Japanese designers have this crazy stereotype, but this is too much. Still, you have to hand it to them for making designs that even american engineers would want to copy.

  5. There's always something that comes to my mind whenever I hear about car companies rolling out a concept car for the different car shows they attend. How are they supposed to keep those cars running? I know that they're usually just single-use designs, but I can't help but be curious at how they fix that if they have to bring it for a test drive or something.

  6. remember, it costs just as much to restore a old Japanese car as it does for an American one, maybe even more.