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Eight elegantly enhanced bicycle designs for a comfy ride

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enhanced bicycle designs
enhanced bicycle designsEnhanced bicycle designs for a comfy ride.

Bicycles are one of the most eco-friendly modes of transportation. With zero emissions and no need for fuel, you can't go wrong riding one especially for short distances. By riding bicycles, you will get get some much needed exercise as well. If you're bored of the usual bicycle designs in the market, check out these totally cool bicycle designs for a comfy ride.

1. AutoVelo

AutoVeloAutoVelo by Eric Stoddard

Resembling a scooter, the AutoVelo has a very comfortable backrest, so riding around for long periods isn't a problem. If you get tired of pedaling, you can switch on the small electric engine. You can travel for 40km on a single charge, pretty good for a bicycle. With a top speed of 25kmph, the AutoVelo has been designed for comfort while caring for the environment. Eric Stoddard is the brain behind this baby which won an award at the 2010 International Bicycle Design Competition.

2. ElliptiGo

ElliptiGoElliptiGO for City Commuting or Exercise Outdoors

The ElliptiGo is a unique bike that allows you to run as well as cycle. Weighing in at 40 pounds and being able to reach speeds of 25 miles an hour, ElliptiGo was designed by a former cyclist who suffered injuries of the knee and hip. The pedals aren't conventional and look more like arms. This allows for more comfort, particularly when standing while cycling. The pedaling action moves elliptically, allowing for a low impact exercise with high benefits.

3. Lexus Hybrid Bicycle

Lexus Bicycle
Lexus BicycleLexus' Hybrid Bicycle Concept

This simplistic looking bicycle is a hybrid by Lexus. It has a wide 8-speed transmission coupled with a 240W electric motor. Still in the conceptual stage, the bike uses 25.9V lithium-ion batteries that can be charged in 2 hours while making use of a belt drive instead of a traditional chain. The batteries help give you a push when you get tired of pedaling, making riding so much more relaxing. A regenerative braking system, found in most hybrid vehicles, completes the Lexus hybrid. Made of a carbon fiber frame, you can be sure that this is going to be one sturdy bike despite its slim look.

4. Collapsible bike concept

Collapsible Bike
Collapsible BikeCollapsible Bicycle Concept by Blair Hasty

The collapsible bike concept is trendy as it is innovative. Say goodbye to parking woes and bike theft as you can collapse it and store it in the bag that comes attached to the frame. The pedals have been shifted to the rear of the rider while pads have been placed for the forearms to make steering comfortable. Designed by Blair Hasty, the idea of placing the pedals behind is to transfer the weight of the rider's body to the pelvic bone and forearms. This, according to the designer, allows for better posture and aerodynamics. Ideal for those medium distance commutes, the collapsible bike was even a finalist at the 2004 International Bicycle Design Competition in Taiwan. It also featured in Innovation Magazine.

5. VW Electric Bicycle

VW Bike
VW BikeVW Bik.e – electric bicycle concept

Automobile leader, Volkswagen, has come up with an electric bicycle that can be folded like the collapsible bike. Named Bik.e, the model weighs 20kg, an average for an electric bike. A single charge will give you 20 miles while the maximum speed you can attain is 20kmph. Integrated LED lighting, cable drives in each wheel and disk brakes complete the specs. When folded, Bik.e is transformed to the size of an automobile tire, making it easy to carry around.

6. Carbon fiber electric bike

Electric Bike
Electric BikeCarbon Fiber Electric Bike by Ralf Kittmann

This sleek and minimalistic bike is built with carbon fiber with electrical properties that convert the whole cycle into a power distribution network instead of using wires. Christened the HMK 561, the frame also stores power owing to a regenerative braking system. You won't find any chain or pedals on the HMK 561 as they aren't needed. Think of it as a motorcycle where you don't need to pedal. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

7. Strida Bicycle

Strida Bicycle
Strida BicycleStrida Bicycle by Mark Sanders

Designed by Mark Sanders, the Strida is a folding bike that can also be wheeled when collapsed. It uses a Kevlar belt drive instead of a traditional chain while the padding on the handlebars provides good comfort. The rims and hubs are made of alloy and the bike uses disks instead of drums for better braking power. Weighing 19.4 pounds, the Strida comes in colors of white, pink, blue, orange, black and yellow.

8. YikeBike: Mini Penny

Mini Penny
Mini PennyYikeBike: Mini Penny-farthing for commuters

A modern version of the Penny-farthing, the YikeBike is capable of hitting a top speed of 20kmph. This foldable bike has a 1.2kW electric motor that does away with the need for chains, cables, gears and pedals. Super light, the bike charges in less than an hour at 55 minutes while making use of anti-skid regenerative brakes that charge the battery.

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