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Eight futuristic hotels offering the luxury retreat

 Singh Rana:

There are several hotels around the world that catch us spellbound with their eye-captivating beauty and architect. However, it is time to look beyond and cling on human innovation and creativity as we have done since civilization. Be it computers, automobiles, entertainment or anything, we have always strived for better and beautiful. This time around, designers shifted their focus to hotels and came up with the hotels of tomorrow. These are exceptionally superior, hi-tech luxury hotels that will surely change the world we live in. Here we have listed the top eight futuristic hotels offering the luxury retreat.

1. The Ark Hotel Concept

ArkDesigned to withstand floods, tidal waves and rising ocean levels as well as earthquakes and other natural disasters, the hotel concept would float and function independently on the surface of a body of water

The Ark Hotel Concept is a hotel that floats on water. Designed by reputed Russian firm Remistudio with the support of International Union of Architects' program "Architecture for Disaster Relief", this hotel has received warm appreciation for its Eco-credentials and mesmerizing design. The hotel is designed using self-cleaning and recyclable ethyltetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) in such a manner that it can withstand any natural disasters and rising ocean levels. The innovative load-bearing system evenly distributes the weight of the hotel and also adjusts itself in order to withstand earthquakes and strong tidal waves. The shell inspired design of this hotel is integrated with photoelectric solar cells in order to minimize the need of electricity. In addition, a rainwater harvesting system is also installed in this hotel to harvest the precious rain water. The Ark Hotel Concept is all set to become the hottest holiday destination of 22nd century.

2. Russian Space Hotel Concept

Space Hotel Concept
Space Hotel ConceptRussian Space Hotel Concept

Ever thought of enjoying your vacation in space? Well, in the year 2016, this may also become possible with Russian Space Hotel Concept that will take you 217 miles above the earth. Visitors will be taken to this proposed hotel via a Russian Soyuz rocket. It will take around a day to reach the commercial space station. On their arrival, the visitors will be taken to the hotel which has the capacity to accommodate around 7 people at a time. Visitors here can enjoy all the luxuries and amenities whilst enjoying the beauty of space at a speed 17,500 miles per hour. One can enjoy delicious food, aesthetically designed space showers and four different cabins to choose from. In order to combat any undesired situation, an International Space Station will be located at 62 miles from the Commercial Space Station.

3. The Floating Aerohotel

The Floating Aerohotel
The Floating AerohotelDesigned by Alexander Asadov, this incredible floating Aerohotel features a lighter-than-air aesthetic that sits serenely atop an elegant system of supports

Going by the recent developments and trends, water-borne aquatectures seems to be the hottest choice in near future. Keeping in pace with the same, designer Alexander Asadov has designed The Floating Aerohotel. This spectacular wonder has a 200 meters wide circular hub that is lofted with the help of supporting arms stretching from the bottom of this site. This hotel is proposed to have cafes, restaurants, winter gardens and other luxuries one can think of in a niche hotel. The amazing fact about The Floating Aerohotel is that it can be installed in any body of water.

4. Lunatic Hotel Concept

Lunatic Hotel
Lunatic HotelLunatic Hotel concept will serve it all with spectacular views sprinkled with joys of low gravity and an alien feeling

There are a number of world-class hotels all over the world but what could be more awe-inspiring than a hotel on the moon. Yes, designer Hans-Jurgen Rombaut has come up with The Lunatic Hotel Concept that will be constructed on the moon to let one experience the joys of low gravity and beautiful space. Hans who studied architecture from Rotterdam Academy of Architecture, Netherlands is quite optimistic about completion of this ambitious project by the end of 2050. In order to protect the visitors from the harsh weather conditions and cosmic rays, a 50 cm thick hull will be made from the moon rock. If this concept turns successful, we may soon have a lunar city. Isn't it?

5. Regatta Complex

Regatta Complex
Regatta ComplexDesigned by Atkins, the designer company for Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. Regatta concept is everything that connecting with sea

Regatta Complex is sky scraping estate complex that is situated north Jakarta. An inspiration of reputed designer Atkins who also holds to his credit the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. This complex will have massive 10 towers each one looking like a parade of tall ships. Each tower will be named after top exotic capital cities of the world namely Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Monte Carlo, Dubai, London, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Acapulco and Sydney.

6. Helix Hotel

Helix Hotel
Helix HotelThe design promises to make maximum use of renewable sources of energy like sun, wind, and ocean water while keeping guests comfortable in all 208 rooms

Helix Hotel is named after its unique helical structure. The design of this magnificent hotel got shortlisted in a competition held in Abu Dhabi's Zayed Bay which is also going to be the site for this hotel. This hotel does not have any storey but spiral section each one mounted on one another. Helix Hotel will be laden with world-class luxuries including retail stores to residential apartments, from suites to saunas, you just name it and they have it. Moreover, the architect of this hotel will be Eco-friendly and will utilize the renewable solar energy, wind energy as well as precious rain water.

7. Death Star

Death Star
Death StarDeath Star Lunar Hotel in Baku, Azerbaijan

Heerim Architects are planning to build a moon on earth with a futuristic hotel named Full Moon that will be offering luxury retreat. This hotel will be built on the shores of the Caspian Sea in such a manner that from one angle it will look like the Death Star and from the other Gherkin, a local name for Full Moon. It is proposed to be about 150 meter-high, 35 storey hotel that will consist of luxurious 382 rooms. Once completed, the Azerbaijani capital of Baku will have one of the most beautiful and extra-terrestrial structure of the world.

8. Aeroscraft

AeroscraftThe Flying Luxury Hotel

The future lies in the pages of history. Well it seems so true when you look at Aeroscraft, a hotel that can really fly. Inspired from Zeppelin and aircraft carriers of old times, this ferry will pamper the passengers while they fly across continents and oceans. Aeroscraft is a 14 million cubic feet hoist filled with helium that can carry a payload of about 400 ton. In addition to this, it can reach an estimated top speed of 174 mph while flying around 8,000 feet above the ground. This flying hotel will have almost every amenity including staterooms, restaurants, luxury suites, spas and even a casino. This ferry does not a runway to catch up flight but can just rise above the ground like a helicopter. It can travel up to a distance of 6,000 miles while carrying 250 passengers on board.


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