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7 Unique nut and bolt chess sets recycling hardware waste


chess sets recycling hardware waste
chess sets recycling hardware wastechess sets recycling hardware waste

The game of chess is basically a dull and slow one that goes on for hours. Instead of having the same old chess set made of plastic pieces and paper board, the set being made up of some other materials would add up to the interest among chess lovers. If that can be performed from wastes that are recycled it is even more interesting and beneficial.

Let's discuss seven such chess sets having made from recycled hardware wastes.

1. High octane chess set made from car parts

High Octane Chess Set made from Car Parts
High Octane Chess Set made from Car PartsHigh Octane Chess Set made from Car Parts

Even people who are not much interested in cars will find this high octane chess set much amusing. The engine parts of the car, instead of being thrown away or being exchanged for some money, they are been converted to chess parts. This was done by revrod and his crew members. This proves to be the most heaviest chess set ever. Initially this project was done in spare time by this crew members but now it has become popular and its been manufactured. Here is a list of the different engine parts used for building chess set

a. Pawns: Made up of lifters.

b. Rooks: Made up of a bolt with a castle net which is top welded.

c. Knights: Made up of a value spring which is top welded.

d. Bishop: Made up of intake valve.

e. Queen: Made up of a cam shaft which has a gear that is top welded.

f. King: Made up of an input shaft.

2. Formula 1 Chess Set

Formula 1 Chess Set
Formula 1 Chess SetFormula 1 Chess Set

This Formula 1 chess set is manufactured by the Americans using the parts of Formula 1 car. Almost all the parts right from wings to cockpit and even the suspension is been used in the chess set. The materials used include stainless steel, leather, and titanium. The chess board is made of the material in which the F1 car is been made, which is carbon fiber. This chess set costs $36,511 which is 1,796,899.45 INR.

3. Auto part chess set

Auto part chess set
Auto part chess setAuto part chess set

Armando Ramírez is the one who manufactured this auto part chess set from a died auto machine. He recycled the left over metal pieces and shaped them into kings, queens, rooks, pawns, knights and pawns in sleek, black, and silver colors. The chess board is made from metal sheet, ornate iron and bendix caps used are taken from a car's electrical system. The cost is $109 which is 5364 INR. Here is a list of the different engine parts used for building chess set:

a. Pawns, Knights, King: cogs from a car's electrical system

b. Bishop: sparkplugs and the towers from cogwheels

c. Queen: screws, cogs and bearings from a car's electrical system

The dimensions of the board are:

a. 2″ high, 11.8″ wide and 11.8″ deep.

b. Tallest piece: 3.2″ high, 1.4″ wide and 1″ deep

c. Smallest piece: 1.3″ high and 1″ in diameter.

d. Its weight is 2.8 kg's in total.

4. Chess set made from recycled auto parts

Chess set made from recycled auto parts
Chess set made from recycled auto partsChess set made from recycled auto parts

Each piece of this chess set is made out of recycled automobile parts. Looking at each of the pieces we could realize the intense imagination involved in crafting them. These are made that good that they resemble mini sculptures. When looking keenly it could be found that the heads of bishops are made up of NGK and ACDELCO spark plugs, which proves the extraordinary imaginative skills of Armando Ramírez. It costs $207.95 which equals 10,234.32 INR. The pieces are finished in a rustic way to maintain the origins. There is another feature of this chess set that makes the dull game of chess more interesting to play, these are the sound effects that originate from the movement of welded materials.

5. DIY steampunk hardware chess set

DIY Steampunk Hardware Chess Set
DIY Steampunk Hardware Chess SetDIY Steampunk Hardware Chess Set

This steampunk hardware chess set is an inspiration from steampunk using steam energy. The hardware parts used in this technology, nuts and bolts are used to produce chess set. This can be easily produced by anyone just by choosing the right parts for each piece in the set. It totally costs around $55 which equals 2706 INR.

6. Claude reith's DIY chess set figures

Claude Reith's DIY Chess Set Figures
Claude Reith's DIY Chess Set FiguresClaude Reith's DIY Chess Set Figures

This is another chess set made from nuts and bolts available in hardware store. One thing you have to do is to pick the right nuts and bolts for the pieces. You can use glue to fix some pieces to its base. Welding those required pieces will be even better. It will not cost you much to make one such chess set, also it will totally take you less than 3 hours to both look out for pieces and to arrange them.

7. BNC Chess

BNC Chess
BNC ChessBNC Chess set

The various materials used to produce BNC chess set are the following: 50 ohm BNC, SMA and N terminators with various connectors including Bayonet Neill–Concelman, SMA, N, APC7, F, UHF. Inter series adapters any any RF connectors are also used along with this. You can use stainless steel or nickel to make white pieces and gold top pieces to make black.

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