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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

10 Hottest Victoria's Secret Christmas Commercials

One of the staple gifts a man gets for his girlfriend or wife each Christmas is naughty lingerie from Victoria's Secret. The only problem is that their lingerie is cheaply made and the gift can be a gigantic failure because it tends to look akward on normal-sized women who eat more than a bowl of hot water every day. While I can't speak from personal experience, I have to imagine that there's nothing that can ruin Christmas faster than witnessing a chubby lady wearing some fancy Victoria's Secret lingerie. #10 Victoria's Secret "Me, Me, Me" Christmas - Call me crazy, but it seems to me that this commercial is implying that a lot of women are starting to become selfish? #9 Christmas Pajama Party - Because Victoria's Secret Angel pajama parties are the next best thing to "Victoria's Secret Angels baking Ore Ida crinkle cut french fries in the nude" parties. #8 Alesandra Ambrosio Rocks Her Santa Hat - Hot girls wearing Santa hat

Yommy Fuud!

Astounding Computer Technologies Dating Back Centuries

The first computer programmer was actually a woman by the name of Ada Lovelace when she wrote of an algorithm that was cited as the first computer program around 1842. The US Department of Defence named the computer language Ada in her honor. The first computer game called Spacewar! was developed in 1961 by Steve Russell, which took about 200 hours to build. Fred Cohen created the first computer virus in 1983 just to prove that it was possible. Computer UNIVAC 1232. This computer was used from 1967 through 1990 at the U.S. Air Force's Satellite Control Facility, in Sunnyvale, California. From this facility, over a dozen Sperry 1230-series computers operated in 'real time' 24/7 as part of a system that controlled and operated Air Force, NASA, other government, and commercial satellites. It also supported Space Shuttle missions. The 1232 computer was manufactured by the St. Paul, MN division of Sperry Univac, and was a military version of the UNIVAC 490 general purpose comme

Lion Tries to Eat a Pangolin but Fails

When you're a hungry lion, most animals probably seem like a good bet at snack time. But this lion certainly bit off more than it could chew when it pounced on a pangolin. British wildlife guide Mark Sheridan-Johnson captured on film this inquisitive big cat which spent a long time trying to devour the odd looking creature in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania. The rare, armour plated pangolin had the perfect defence tactic:roll up into a ball and stay there - whatever happens. This looks like a tasty morsel...hmm, it's a bit crunchy...the lion begins its attempt to feast on the pangolin Maybe if I use my claws I can get the shell this thing is tough...nope, maybe it's time to try a different tactic Hello, is there anyone in there? OK, this is your last chance..come out with your hands up or, or...I'll just have to leave you alone and find something else to gnaw on Oh I give up! That's never happened to me before...I'm off to find something s