Tuesday, November 23, 2010

'Integrative Chair' brings handicapped children at par with normal kids

The Integrative Chair promises practical advantages for young handicapped children by helping them overcome their physical disability and perform at par with normal kids comfortably. It facilitates both health and therapy for kindergarten children between three and six years of age, as they go about mingling with normal children.

The chair's ergonomically designed features are functionally superior in every aspect and ensure constant child safety. Both the seat and the height of the chair are adjustable to make sure that the child sits comfortably and is able to perform various activities as eating and playing with ease.

The mobile chair is easily storable and has a cantilever system to absorb violent movement related shocks. The Integrative Chair uses artificial leather, thereby making it easy to clean. The chair's outer surface too can be painted with chalks without leaving traces after cleaning. The Integrative Chair has been designed by Maria Gartner, Floria Kainz, Peter Schanz and Stefen Wagner.

Via: Uni-ak

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