Tuesday, November 23, 2010

20 Funny Apple Product Knock-Offs

Apple has become so popular and their branding is so strong that manufacturing Apple Knock-off products is a Million dollar industry. If you travel around the world you will see all kinds of Apple knock-offs from iPods to iPhones, Macbooks, and even Shuffles. Here are a few Apple knock-offs for your viewing pleasure.

This is pretty close to the iPhone but has an extended bottom portion near the home button.

This is a crazy looking Macbook knock off. You better take a second glance at this one.

This iPhone knock off got almost everything right, but the home button is completely different

This nano was done well except for the big on/off button at the top. The print and logo on the back of it are pretty close.

I actually think this is a cool shuffle concept.

This is obviously way off, but I'm sure it would fool my grandmother.

This nano knock-off looks very mysterious… not even sure how you would navigate its UI.

Looks like a bad version of the iPod Mini…

Pretty close to the original iPod nano except the button graphics are a little off.

Now where did they get this design idea from?

This one is called the iFone, and iPhone with buttons and a stylus.

Another knock-off of the gen 1 iPod nano.

This manufacturer took a little more time to even include nice packaging.

This is an actual computer made by HP which is a horrible knock-off of the new unibodies.

Awesome! Gotta love the fat nano.


Seriously? What a great looking UI…

The long awaited iPhone Nano!!!!

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