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crossconnectmag:“Overwhelmed”, Valeria Duca, oil on canvas,...


“Overwhelmed”, Valeria Duca, oil on canvas, 2020

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crossconnectmag:“Overwhelmed”, Valeria Duca, oil on canvas,... crss


“Overwhelmed”, Valeria Duca, oil on canvas, 2020

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Sean Connery, James Bond's initial film performing artist, died aged ninety


A deep voice, a dark look: Scottish actor can forever be related to the renowned British spy he embodied in seven episodes.

We known as him Bond. James Bond. He wasn't the sole one to own borne this name, however, and he had worn several others: epic (King Arthur, character and Richard the Lionheart), renowned (William Forrester, Guillaume First State Baskerville and Henry Jones), generally cursed (Zed within the black Zardoz, Allan Quatermain within the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). however if there was just one left, it might be his initial major role: character, emissary 007 on Her Majesty's United States intelligence agency of England.

Aftera century on the screens, Sean Connery is dead, his family told the BBC on Sat (October 31). He was ninety years previous. He was born on August twenty five, 1930 in capital, the capital of European nation. Of this native land, he was therefore proud to wear the skirt on any auspicious occasion (even once he was ennobled by Elizabeth II, in 2000, a happening that Brits press in agreement to seek out unfavorable), to decision his life history Being A European, and to unperturbably retain his characteristic accent, even once enjoying a personality of another position.

Son of a char and a employee, he slams the varsity door early and tries out numerous trades: milk delivery man, mason, model for the varsity of Fine Arts, automobile salesperson second-hand, lifeguard… He even exercises the exotic profession of casket finisher. "I've been in such a lot of completely different areas that it is a joke. And none of them suited ME the smallest amount, ”he told journalist Roger Ebert on the set of Brian First State Palma's The Untouchables in 1986.

A dazzling success

After disbursement 3 years within the navy, he worked diligently on his ... sporting career: wonderful athlete, he devoted himself to physical exercise and (according to his official web site, however the data is frequently questioned) would have reached the third step of the adult male. Univers ambo in 1950. He then began to look on stage and on screen. First, figurative roles, that his elegant stature permits him to simply gain.

Glory is long in returning, however he refuses the sport career he's offered. it had been solely when long years of determination that he landed his initial real roles, with The Criminals of London, then Je pleure mon sexual relationship (Another Time, Another Place), within which he gave the reply to the gorgeous Lana Turner. we have a tendency to area unit in 1958, we have a tendency to discover a young man of twenty eight whose lovely deep voice tempers the somewhat hesitant game, beat effects of eyebrows - that he then abounded.

He can have to be compelled to wait a bit longer to attain success, which can be dazzling, the maximum amount because the wait has been long. In 1961, the producer Albert R. Broccoli wished to adapt the winning novels that Fleming, ex-recruit of Brits United States intelligence agency, dedicated to a fictitious spy named character. when having thought-about illustrious names (Cary Grant, James Neville Mason, Richard Burton ...), it's finally whereas look Darby O'Gill and therefore the goblins, a film producer production inhabited by elves and badly received, that Broccoli discovers his future 007, in shirt and wielding the scythe, a rustic hymn to the lips.

James Bond 007 against Dr No was free on October vi, 1962 in England, and therefore the receipts secure the producer the heroic tale he unreal of. A development was born, a devoted mirror of the public's needs of the Nineteen Sixties, and of its thirst for lightness: action, modification of scenery, recreation, Ursula Andress in an exceedingly white two-piece, born like Venus out of the water.


Above all, the trendy male is born there, whom men dream of being and ladies to have: ace of murder however very little talkative, skillfully twiddling with the supercilium - that he has been able to prune -, seductive, however ne'er extremely neandertal, well dressed, always, and forever elegant, even throughout the fight. Sporty, in short, within the stylish sense of the term. The cinema, that tailored the adventures of Arsène Lupine "gentleman burglar" since the Nineteen Thirties, has simply found its "gentleman spy".

Sean Connery would play Bond in seven films, from 1962 to 1983. once you solely Live double, in 1967, he was thirty seven years previous, and set to convey up the role, time for patron saint Lazenby to solely perform. Then Sean Connery came to Bond in 1971 in Diamonds area unit Forever, before going away once more, giving thanks to Roger Moore. in an exceedingly 1972 interview he said: "I wished to retire when enjoying it 5 times, and that i solely shot Diamonds {are|ar|area unit|square MEasure} Forever as a result of it might web me $ one million for the Scottish Fund. for education. however in 1983, he came to Bond once more, for nevermore, associate degree unofficial episode of the heroic tale.

How to perceive these comings and goings? many hypotheses area unit confronted, and therefore the speech of the actor himself might vary: he was too previous (Roger Moore, his oldest of 3 years, can play 007 till he's fifty eight years old), too weary of repetitive intrigues, too unfortunate of closely knit shoots and eager to not shut himself up within the role ... The career he pursues in parallel along with his spy games, however, leaves nothing to be desired. There remains a lady killer.

Directed by Hitchcock, he investigates a blonde with a troubled past, compete by Tippi Hedren, in No Spring for Marnie (1964). constant year, within the Straw girl, he created a haunting brunette (Gina Lollobrigida) the perfect spider for his previous uncle. Then it is a comedy, L’Homme à la tête fêlée (1966), within which he goes crazy for laughs, assailed by all the ladies, blondes (Joanne Woodward), brunettes (Jean Seberg). Finally Edward Dmytryk takes him to the lands of the western with Shalako (1968), wherever he saves a crazy haired blonde (Brigitte Bardot) from vindictive Apaches.

Sean Connery collaborates with yankee director Sidney Lumet on 5 occasions, together with the arguable The Offense, in 1972. within the shoes of Sergeant Johnson, associate degree investigator exhausted by long years of service within the footsteps of a attacker of very little women, he offers a chilling performance. The film is therefore dark that it'll be prohibited in many countries and can not seem on French screens till 2007, when 35 years in purgatory. one amongst the foremost usually cited reasons for this censorship is that Sean Connery's sweeping performance might have broken the coruscant career of his most renowned avatar… emissary character.

“It's nearly not possible to undertake to erase the image of Bond,” discovered Sean Connery in an exceedingly 1989 interview. whereas he's removed from having famous the fate of a Mark Hamill (the Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, that continued to tour heaps when the heroic tale, however ne'er managed to come to the front of the stage), it's maybe not gone so much. it's usually exhausting to recollect that he was the one World Health Organization compete Tippi Hedren in No Spring for Marnie. And World Health Organization remembers nowadays, despite his mercilessness to repeat it, that he compete within the theater, and in 1961 marked as Macbeth for Canadian television?

In 1993, lifestyle transcribed for a portrait of the actor this associate degreealysis of Sidney Lumet: “I do not assume he has evolved very much like an actor. Rather, it had been popular opinion that finally need to the live of what he will do. I forever knew what he was capable of. filmmaker, once he employed him for the person World Health Organization wanted To Be King, knew it too. Sean has forever famous the way to play sort of a large. however it's solely within the last 10 or fifteen years that individuals have began to say, “So what! He will play! ” "

An award for a supporting role

There area unit 2 identities behind his name: character, and previous Sean Connery. 007 appears to own absorbed his youth. Black eyebrows and white beard, assumed hairlessness (he wore the wig since Dr. No), still engaging, however additional Bond: from the person World Health Organization wanted To Be King, in 1975, Sean Connery was stricken with adulthood. he's forty five years previous. maybe growing previous was his solely manner of salvation.

This post-Bond cinégénique face, we discover it nearly identically for his most well-liked roles, from the mid-1970s to the first 2000s: The Lion and therefore the Wind, A Bridge Too so much, Highlander, IN Jones and therefore the last crusade, In pursuit of Red October… it's a painted Sean Connery World Health Organization received a British Academy Film Award in 1986 for his role as Guillaume First State Baskerville within the Name of the Rose by Jean-Jacques Annaud, and his solely award

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