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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Sleep and Immunity – Things to Know

Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates suggested that sleep appeared to improve recovery from illness. Yet despite this ancient observation, it is only quite recently that the link between sleep and our immune system has been elucidated. Much of our knowledge of the importance of sleep for health emanates from studies examining the effects of sleep loss, and they are compelling. We see that lack of sleep is linked to a whole array of issues: mood disturbances , overeating and weight gain , reduced insulin sensitivity , cardiovascular disease , and many other maladies.  Interestingly, it is also linked to increased susceptibility to respiratory infection – a health concern that is at the forefront of our minds more now than perhaps ever before. Sleep and Risk for the Common Cold One study put this link to the test in a very direct way. They recruited 153 healthy volunteers, and had them report their sleep duration and sleep efficiency (percent of time spent in bed when they ar

Florian Nagler - Kaufmann Timber distribution center, Bobingen...

Florian Nagler - Kaufmann Timber distribution center , Bobingen 1999. Via , 2 , 3 , photos ©  Wolfram Janzer ,  Stefan Müller-Naumann .

Sean Godsell - House in the hills, Rural Victoria 2018. Photos...

Sean Godsell - House in the hills , Rural Victoria 2018. Photos © Earl Carter . 

Regional Design Service - Bangerang park facilities, Wiradjuri...

Regional Design Service -  Bangerang park facilities , Wiradjuri Country 2019. Photos ©  Georgie James .

Krähenbühl Architekten - Temporary service building for sports...

Krähenbühl Architekten - Temporary service building for sports training, St. Moritz 2019. Photos © Laura Egger .