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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

New Year, Same You

New Year, Same You In years past I really bought into reinventing myself during the New Year. ⁣ ⁣ I’d pledge lofty resolutions full of the best intentions but lacking the roots of a plan with staying power. ⁣Most of us are plagued with an all or nothing mentality, “I am going to eat allllll […] The post New Year, Same You appeared first on Instant Loss - Conveniently Cook Your Way To Weight Loss .

Knapkiewicz & Fickert - Klee housing, Zürich 2011. Photos...

Knapkiewicz & Fickert - Klee housing , Zürich 2011. Photos © Ruedi-Walti.

Mathis Kamplade - Friesenberg multi-generational housing, Zürich...

Mathis Kamplade - Friesenberg  multi-generational housing, Zürich 2019. Photos © Seraina Wirz .

Mathis Kamplade - Haus in Wollishofen, Zürich 2019. Photos...

Mathis Kamplade -  Haus in Wollishofen , Zürich 2019. Photos © Rory Gardiner .