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Is Red Light a Missing Nutrient for Our Health? Podcast with Dr. Michael Hamblin

  Light is essential to life as we know it. Plants rely upon sunlight to generate chemical energy, which is stored in their tissues and fuels various life processes. In turn, animals like us convert the energy from the food that we eat into mechanical energy.  Furthermore, we depend upon light energy entering our eyes in order to see and interact with the world around us, and to align our biological clock. Everything that you do, and everything that you see around you, is the product of light. Given its fundamental role in our biology, it shouldn’t be too surprising that patterns of light exposure seem to be intimately linked to our health and performance, in ways which research is only just starting to elucidate.  For instance, we’ve learned that insufficient environmental light may lead to structural changes in the brain, and to poorer cognitive performance . Importantly, different wavelengths of light may have specific effects. For example, short-wavelength light (or blue li