Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Have you been looking for the perfect gift for that special someone in your life? Look no further! I have the PERFECT Holiday Gift Guide ready for you! Separated by price, I have listed all of my favorite kitchen gadgets that you must have! At the bottom, I also include some miscellaneous products that I love/want/need. Sooooo, needless to say, there is something here for EVERYONE! I have put in all the work gathering these products up, so you don't have to! You can shop all of these products, directly off of this page! Just click the image link you are interested in! You're welcome, and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Less Than $25

Silicon Baking Mats
I love these ones with the lines, because they make drop cookies easy!

Vegetable Spiralizer

Kitchen Food Scale

Wooden Rolling Pin
I like mine without handles! 

Wooden Cutting Boards/ Plastic Cutting Boards
Wooden for fruits and veggies

Plastic for meats

The coolest Milk Frother- perfect for making frothy hot chocolate, steamers and more! A great neighbor gift too! We love ours!!

Lemon/Lime Juicer, it changes the juicing game! If you don't have one, you need one. If your mom doesn't have one, she needs one. If your neighbor doesn't have one, she needs one too. You get the point.

Did you ever think you could fall in love with a spoon? Well, let me tell you that you can! I love love love my Zeal Spoon! It has a stainless steel core that makes it heavier than a normal stirring spoon and its wrapped in silicon for easy cleaning! No more gross smells or discoloration like what happens to a wooden spoon! Replace it with one of these and you'll be so happy! You can purchase the Zeal Stainless Steel Core Spoon at Harmon's and only Harmon's for $12. That is the only place so far that I have seen them! It is a life changer!!

This little guy is the most underrated tool in the kitchen! It makes prepping strawberries for salads, desserts, or anything you need sliced so much faster and easier! You basically grab the green steam of the strawberry, twist, and then pull out. Simple, easy, and efficient! Pair it with the strawberry slicer below and prepping strawberries is the easiest and quickest task! 

Apple Peeler
This is perfect for the bakers out there! Peels and slices apples in no time at all! 

Meal Prep Containers
If you are going to start meal prepping, or have been meal prepping all along, these are an awesome option for containers! They keep your food separated, stored, and sealed! 

Salad Spinner
We always joke how silly these are, then often ask ourselves why we don't use one. If you like to soak your lettuce for a nice crisp crunch, this is a great option. 

Dough Scraper 
A dough scraper is good for more than scraping dough. You can use it to transfer chopped meat and vegetables into pots and pans, keeping your hands clean and ingredients off the floor.

Hot Pads
Everyone needs a new set of hot pads

And of course, some matching dish towels!

A cute apron!
I own this apron and I love it! It is so cute and flattering and fun! 

An adorable Cookie Jar

Less than $50 

Pancake Griddle
Do you own one of these? I do and I love mine! It makes cooking for a crowd so easy and quick!!

Hand Blender
This hand blender is another underrated kitchen gadget! I use mine for making salad dressings and for hot soups; my broccoli cheese soup I use this to chop up the broccoli once it is softened, and for mixing proteins into shakes!

Crepe Maker
Crepes are so fun and so delicious! 

2 Speed Food Processor

Hot Plate
These have been all the rage right now because they are portable, easy to use, and heat up quickly!

Cast Iron Dutch Oven
This pan is great for so many reasons! You can make large batches of soup, melt down caramel for caramel apples, and you can place it in the oven or use it on the stove top! 

6 Quart Crock Pot 

Electric Fondue Pot
A fun way to entertain a crowd! 

Cast Iron Wok

Mandoline Slicer
The most dangerous kitchen tool but the most efficient way to slice and prep vegetables! 

Frozen Yogurt/ Ice Cream Maker
A fun, unique gift for all ages! 

Hydro Flask
These are all the rage right now and it's because they are awesome!! They keep your drink cold for like 12 hours. I love having ice water so this is amazing! Perfect for work, the pool, the boat, and on hikes! 

Less than $100

Like the number one selling product this year in kitchen appliances. Because it's amazing. And it's awesome! And it's life changing! And you will love it! I have tons of Instant Pot recipes on my blog to get you started!! 

Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer
With Multiple attachments

Waffle Iron
Boom! Double time waffle maker! No more waiting around forever for each waffle to bake! Make two at a time and get everyone fed faster!

4 Slice Toaster 

Wilton Cake Decorating Set
I'm putting this on there for me. Who wants to buy me this? lol jk. 

Over $100

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
4.5 Quart 
Little Smaller, Little Cheaper

5 Quart
Little Bigger, Awesome Color 

6  Quart Mixer
Largest Size, Considered Professional
this is the size I own 

Bosch Mixer
I'm a Bosch fan too, this is my favorite style!
I own this one as well! 

Blendtec Blender
My FAVORITE blender!
I'm picky about my blending

Henckles Knife Set
Is this year the year for new knives? 

Some Random Gift Goodies

The only jeans I ever wear!!
I love this brand!

Nike Presto's
I love mine! I have this exact style and I love them!

The all black are really cool too!

Rayband Sunglasses


Nike Air Max 

Polaroid Camera 

The best Dry Shampoo, for only $10

Along with the dry shampoo, a nice combo gift would be to add the oil!

And to finish off the gift set, their medium hold hair spray! There you have it, the perfect gift for that special girl!

This is another one on her for my personal list. Maybe my Grandma is reading? Hi Grandma.
I love Kate Spade.

Resistance Bands
For the work out fans, these are awesome to add some resistance to your workout! I love mine!

Nike Rosche Two 
Only $70 
I love white work out shoes!

Zella Work Out Pants!

Naked Eye Shadow Palette

Hunter Boots
The perfect rain boot

The Beach Waver Curling Iron
I love it! 
The curling iron rotates in both directions to give you glamorous, red-carpet waves with the touch of a button

UGG Boots 

Series 1 Apple Watch
I'm obsessed with my apple watch


I have heard awesome things about this. The best facial cleanser! 

The Sephora Sampler
this is awesome because you can test out some different samples, then take the coupon to Sephora and redeem your favorite sample for a full bottle!

I have a backpack similar to this one that I carry my camera in on trips and I always get so many compliments on it! 

A little something for the men in your life

The Art of Shaving Gift Set

Nike Hoodie

Sweat Shorts

University of Utah Player Throw Blanket
I'm actually crying
This is amazing

A new wallet

North Face Jacket


Mens Travel Kit

When recommending watches, I always recommend a good Nixon

My husband's favorite brand of tie are the Penguin ties 

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