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You Sit More Than 9 Hours Per Day So Make Sure You Sit Up Right

Physical inactivity is believed to be the second most cause of death currently, in the United States. According to recent studies, inactive behavior measured by the time spent sitting, leads to high rates of diseases such as; cardiovascular, obesity and type 2 Diabetes.

Sitting in your office for an extended period has many implications for your health. It causes a back pain or relatively increases an existing strain. Prolonged sitting in an inert posture leads to increase in the level of stress at the back and shoulders which leads to the damage of spinal structures.

An all-rounded helper to help you improve your sitting postures

The name Darma is obtained from the father of meditation and Zen called Bodhidharma. Junhao Hu, the CEO and founder Darma who holds a Ph.D. degree in Optical fiber sensor.

Darma is the world’s first revolutionary cushion that is crucial in monitoring your sitting positions and improves both your mental and physical health. The cushion incorporates algorithms and advanced sensor technology to provide sustainable guidelines on the right posture, track and balance your sitting duration and reduce the level of stress in your body.

  • Phone notification automatically alerts you in case of a weak posture and longevity in sitting.
  • The presence of an optical sensor technology is ideal for data computation and ensures that it reaches the required medical accuracy with fast detection.
  • The cushion is built with soft material that enhances a cozy sitting experience.
  • It comes with an app that is Android and iPhone compatible.

Save Yourself From Suffering Back Pain in The Future

The incorporation of soft materials in the cushion improves optimum relief and treats back pains. Apart from that, it also decreases the pressure exerted on the coccyx and hip bones in the process of sitting. With Darma, it teaches you on how to sit correctly and alerts you when in case of prolonged sprawling. The cushion avails reminders to ensure you take enough breaks throughout your work.

Darma uses advanced sensor technology that has the power of detecting significant actions in your body, including respiratory rate, heartbeat, and heartbeat waveform.

Siting for a prolonged period in the office can be hazardous to your health. With Darma in your workplace, you are assured of reduced back pains, shoulders and arms. Upon purchase and practical use, you are guaranteed of a healthy mental and physical health and will reduce the chances of getting lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular and type 2 Diabetes.

How promising it is on correcting our sitting postures

There are lots of supporting reviews on Amazon praising how good it is for their seats more comfortable.

I received a new cushion from Darma and it works so much better than the older version. The cushion maintains Bluetooth connection with my phone, I get alerts for sitting too long or if I am sitting incorrectly, and if I am sitting wrong for too long there are 1 min exercises that the app demos for you. This cushion is a very good investment and is comfortable. The app is very informative and tech support does respond and helps. If you have a job where you sit for long periods of time I highly recommend this cushion because it keeps you aware of your posture and if you are too sedentary it will remind you to get up. – Amazon Customer. 

You can order yours online on Amazon and have it delivered right at your doorstep. However, here’s one for you!

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Lo Verdi - Apartment building, Bottmingen 2017. Via, photos...

idA - SAS housing, Stetten 2011. Photos © Ladina Bischof.

Save Yourself From A Hectic Morning by Planning Your Outfit Ahead With This App

Building a versatile, well-balanced, and organized wardrobe isn’t always easy. It takes time and effort. But, would it be nice if there were something to help you make the process effortlessly easy?

The problem with today’s wardrobes is that they are filled to the brim with all sorts of items. Remember that dress you thought you’d wear someday? With a messy closet, it always seems that there’s nothing to wear anymore.

Of course, there’s a myriad of outfit planning and wardrobing apps available, but a few have been able to deliver results. That’s about to change thanks to Stylebook, a light, simple, and clean wardrobing app.

Keep Your Styles All At One Place

Stylebook is a lean and robust outfit planning and wardrobing app that’s recommended by Vogue, New York Times, CQ, Bazaar, Today, and many other fashion authorities. It’s designed to help today’s woman curate her wardrobe so she can look effortlessly chic every day.

The app helps you get the most out of the items you already have in your wardrobe. It also provides you with fabulous advice on how to choose new pieces that incorporate well into your closet without much hassle. This way, you can stay on top of your wardrobe organization and have a stylish outfit to wear every day.

Bring Your Virtual Wardrobe To Life

Again, nurturing a versatile and well-organized closet is no picnic. With Stylebook, however, you can take your wardrobe organization to the next level. That’s right; the app helps you carefully curate what you have in your closet and organize each outfit appropriately. Stylebook also puts you in front of experts’ advice and tips on organizing your real-life wardrobe.

Plan your Outfit ahead Like a Pro

It not only helps you curate and record what you’ve in your wardrobe, but the app also boasts features like Outfit Shuffle that make mixing and matching fashion pieces quite easily. You can pair your outfits based on colors and styles for that chic look and feel.

With Stylebook, you can easily review what you have in the wardrobe. This way, you can shop for items that integrate well into your closet. That’s shopping made easy!

It doesn’t only re-organised the wardrobe, but also improve the shopping habit

I have been using Stylebook for the past 6 months or so. It has changed the way I choose and shop for outfits. What’s more – the app has saved me heaps of money I could have spent on duplicate clothes and accessories. My closet has never looked this chic and organized! Get the most out of your wardrobe. Download Stylebook from App Store today.

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Today, we remember Academy member Howard Gottfried. The...

Today, we remember Academy member Howard Gottfried. The “Network” producer—and namesake for anchorman Howard Beale—earned an Oscar nomination for his work on Sidney Lumet’s film. His other production credits include “Body Double,” “Torch Song Trilogy” and “Altered States,” his final collaboration with writer Paddy Chayefsky.

How Far Will You Go To Seek Perfection?

Ever felt so madly in love with what you do, that all you do is think about it? Ever wanted to be so good at what you do so that you could call it perfect? Then this is a must watch the documentary for you. Directed by David Gelb, this masterpiece of a documentary follows the story of the legendary sushi master Jiro Ono.  The documentary follows the life of Jiro Ono and his beloved sushi restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro. The documentary shows the story of the legendary sushi maker who worked to create perfection in his creations, with an invariable routine and love for what he did. The pride he takes in completing and perfecting his work can be seen through the way he works tirelessly to create his masterpiece. He even dreams about new techniques and designs to create the perfect piece of sushi.

How The Profession and Passion Run in The Family

The story is based in downtown Tokyo subway station, Sukiyabashi Jiro is a subterranean restaurant run by the legendary Jiro Ono. The restaurant has only ten seats but is the only sushi restaurant to have a three-star Michelin rating.

The story of the master chief also follows the lives of his two sons. His younger son Takashi managed to escape from the shadow of his father’s legendary career and runs his own sushi restaurant in Tokyo. His restaurant is in the Roppongi Hills area, so it does not compete with his father’s business.

The elder son Yoshikazu follows in his father’s footsteps. He works at the Sukiyabashi Jiro alongside his father. Even though he is aged 50, he is still an apprentice due to his father’s strict training program. He is the heir to the restaurant and hopes to take charge one day. After his father suffers a heart attack at the age of seventy, he takes over the all-important task of buying the best fish possible for the restaurant from the Tsukiji fish market; Gelb does an incredible job of showing the tense atmosphere surrounding the restaurant and the preparation of the perfect sushi.

Pursuit of perfection becomes a life work

The movie explores the area between love and madness, how a passion and a desire, for one thing, can lead a man to spend his whole life trying to perfect it. The documentary teaches viewers about passion and how passion can last a lifetime, how it can consume us within itself and become the thing we love more than ourselves.

Watch the documentary now on iTunes.

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crossconnectmag: Futuristic Art by Simon Stålenhag The acclaimed... crss


Futuristic Art by Simon Stålenhag

The acclaimed artist and concept designer Simon Stålenhag (b. 1984 in Sweden) is best known for his highly imaginative images and stories portraying illusive sci-fi phenomena in a mundane, hyper-realistic Scandinavian landscapes.

Follow him on Twitter. You can buy prints of his art on RedBubble.

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home - run with us.

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crossconnectmag: Futuristic Art by Simon Stålenhag The acclaimed...


Futuristic Art by Simon Stålenhag

The acclaimed artist and concept designer Simon Stålenhag (b. 1984 in Sweden) is best known for his highly imaginative images and stories portraying illusive sci-fi phenomena in a mundane, hyper-realistic Scandinavian landscapes.

Follow him on Twitter. You can buy prints of his art on RedBubble.

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home - run with us.

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The Two Ends Of Love and What Lies Between, Or Is There A Between?

Love is a feeling of affection from one person towards another. While there are perhaps one thousand and one definitions for love from the human perspective, the best way to experience it is only when it is reciprocated. Love has many shades – you know those fleeting emotions that works up our feelings and heightens our interest in the other person while we are practically trying to find meaning for these feelings. Of course, real love exists but what Elyane Youssef communicates in the article Healthy Love versus Obsessive Love—& how to Get Over the Obsessive Kind shows how to identify the not so brazen difference between what love is and what it is believed to be.

Can You Answer What Love is?

Healthy love traits

The word love is loosely used these days to describe feelings of attraction, but love is more than feelings. Real, healthy love is simple and seeks to look for the other person’s good and comfort above your own. Healthy love draws its root from selflessness, open-mindedness, trust with each individuals happiness not necessarily dependent on the other person. Real love blossoms out of respect for one another and learning to go so separate ways if it fails.

Obsessive love traits

Obsessive love is selfish and non-sacrificial. If there is any sacrifice at all, it is because of what they intend to gain later down the line. There is always no regard for the other person’s happiness and the goal is to possess the one we claim to love. It is controlling, jealous and lacks trust. Obsessive love does not like the truth; it exists in disguise and exposes both individuals involved to harm on the long run.

Breaking away from obsession

Give love. Receive love. Repeat.”

Obsessive love in itself should never be described as love because it fails to live up to the billing in every way. Notwithstanding, situations leading to obsessive love can be avoided at times. You may find yourself in an unexpected loop and instead of hanging on, and pushing for the light at the end of the tunnel, which is definitely lacking in this case, it is best you break it off. Breaking it off as a matter of fact cannot be achieved easily because the relationship is a predator prey relationship. What is best is a tactical approach that appraises the situation while using the opportunity to learn what true love is all about. Learning about true love can start from identifying the things you didn’t get from your supposed lover and identifying areas you have failed. That way, you avoid leaving one obsessive relationship for another.

There is an indisputable fact. If you give love – pure, honest true love, just like you want it reciprocated you are bound to get the same. Why don’t you then give love to receive more love? The French would say encore to that.

To read the full article, click here.

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