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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Do You Want To Save Money on Buying Drinks At The Cinema?

Have you ever been stopped from bringing your own drinks into concerts, the cinema or sporting events? How about when you’re out running and need to carry a bottle with you to stay hydrated. Does that get in the way of your running? If you’ve suffered from these problems, then fortunately, we’ve found the perfect product to help you out. Sneak Your Favorite Drink with You Wherever You Go As the picture above shows, Flask Hoodie is an ingenious clothing product that is designed to allow you to take your favorite drink into concert halls, cinemas and sports arenas, etc. And if exercising is your thing, Flask Hoodie will allow you to stay hydrated without having to hold a bottle. Flask Hoodie looks cool, and when the hidden collapsible flask is filled with your favorite drink – you’ll be able to stay cool too! The Key Features of Flask Hoodie Flask Hoodie is a unique product that cleverly solves a common and frustrating problem. Let’s take a look right now at two of Flask Hoodi

How Can You Get A Leopard To Change It's Spots

Imagine that you’ve just completed a project at work. Your supervisor tells you that you didn’t deliver things exactly the way he wants, and he asks you to redo the project. For some people, this would be cause for a meltdown, but you take it in stride. You go back to your desk, digest what was just said,and assess the work you put into the project. Instead of having a pity party, you make a commitment to improve the quality of your work. A colleague who was in the meeting where you presented stops by your desk and says, ” We can’t be good at everything. This task might be outside of your area of expertise. You should play to your strengths and let someone with more talent in this area handle these types of assignments. ” Your colleague may have been trying to make you feel better, but she made you wonder, “ How can I become better if I never try new things? Are all of our talents assigned to us from birth?” There are two kinds of people in this world There are those who create

Richard de la Cruz “INDUSTRIAL VERTEBRATES”...

Richard de la Cruz “INDUSTRIAL VERTEBRATES” 60"x48" oil etching on canvas 2017 More unique art: Instagram || Twitter || Facebook Posted by Andrew

Richard de la Cruz “INDUSTRIAL VERTEBRATES”... crss

Richard de la Cruz “INDUSTRIAL VERTEBRATES” 60"x48" oil etching on canvas 2017 More unique art: Instagram || Twitter || Facebook Posted by Andrew crss

Make Everyone At The Office Happy By Installing This

Let’s face it, however positive and upbeat your office environment is, your employees will still suffer from stress from time to time. These stresses can come from a myriad of sources, including: overwork, pressure of deadlines, and lack of proper breaks. For example, your sales team may be close to their end of quarter and is committed to delivering the best results possible. While this is a worthy goal, the team members run the risk of pushing themselves too far and leaving themselves drained of energy and filled with tension. It’s at times like these that all your employees can be negatively affected. It’s not new that stress can lower productivity or even work quality One of the symptoms of stress, is that it can lead to lower productivity. This means that if many (or all) of your employees begin to show signs of stress, then you can be sure that your company’s overall productivity will take a hit. If you’ve become aware that your employees are suffering from stress, then it’

How to Talk When Talking Seems Impossible

Sometimes we just want to be left alone. When you’re angry, frustrated, or disappointed, you may not feel like chatting about it. If someone does try to talk to you, they’ll probably seem annoying. It’s tempting to ignore them. You might also say something like “leave me alone,” or “I don’t need you”. These are natural responses to the nagging individual but these could be things that you’d regret saying. Either way, you usually end up inflicting harm when you can’t figure out how to express yourself. Innocent Words Become Murderers When couples are dealing with negative emotions, they have a hard time conveying their feelings in a loving manner. It’s not just what you say, but it’s also how you say it. Even if you aren’t angry at your partner, you may unintentionally take a harsh tone with them. This is completely understandable. When you’re dealing with negative emotions, controlling your expressions and tone of voice is difficult. Couples can get caught up in the negativity