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Struggling With Quick Healthy Breakfast Options?Start Your Morning With These 10 Healthy Muffins Ideas!

Keeping fit is no easy task. However, for the sake of your health, the pan and difficulty are worth it. There are a lot of aspects to keeping yourself in good health. You could try exercising, yoga and meditation, in the guidance of expert yoga teacher and trainer. However, none of these will mean anything if you don’t eat right food. Today, one of the most consumed pastries is muffin. If you want to lose weight, there’s a very high chance that you’ve been told to keep off muffins. However, we have helped compile a list of foods that include muffins which you can enjoy and which pose no threats to your health or fitness goals. 1. Pumpkin Oat Muffins You don’t necessarily have to stick to basic or bland tastes whenever you are consuming anything with muffin flavors in it and the Pumpkin Oat Muffin is a perfect example of just how exciting and delicious the addition of muffins can be when added to the perfect breakfast. With the addition of applesauce and pumpkin puree, these cakes

Is It Normal to Feel Jealous of Your Good Friends? Yes but You Can Reduce It by Learning These

I could literally feel my friend’s jealousy seething through my Facebook feed. After posting a status update of myself sipping from a freshly picked coconut on the beach in Fiji I noted how a few “I *really* hate you now” , casual comments on my wall reflected something much deeper. Intense jealousy. I have been on the other side of the fence. Having 4 cents and being $70,000 in debt nearly a decade ago I secretly despised the fact that some good buddies of mine were living their dreams. Feeling jealous of your close friend’s success is normal but you need to keep it in check before it grows into a raging beast that affects your happiness. Why Does It Feel Hellishly Difficult Not to Be Jealous of Good Friends? You grew up together. Same circumstances. Same life in most cases. If someone seems to break away from the herd to live their wildest dreams or to simply challenge the status quo you are forced to assess why you haven’t made the same bold, freeing moves in your life. Thi

4 Simple Ways to Make Boring Work Become Interesting

Are you bored at work right now? Sitting at your desk, wishing you could be anywhere other than here, doing anything else…? You’re not alone. Even when you have a job you love, it’s easy to get bored. And if your job isn’t something you’re passionate about, it’s even easier for boredom to creep in. Did you know it’s actually possible to make any job more interesting? That’s right. Whether it’s data entry or shelf stacking, even the most mind-numbing of jobs can be made more fun. Understanding the science behind boredom is the first step to beating it. Read on to learn the truth about boredom, and what you can do to stop feeling bored at work for good. I’m bored – as you’re watching the same film over and over again, even though it’s your favorite one When you experience something new, your brain releases opioids – chemicals which make you feel good. [1] It’s the feeling you might get when you taste a new food for the first time, watch a cool new film, or meet a new person

A Negotiation Is Like a Game, You Can't Get the Best Deal Without a Strategy

Have you ever been in a position where you had to negotiate something? Perhaps you tried to get a better deal on something, perhaps tried to make two arguing friends see sense. In a negotiation situation it can be difficult to know what to do or say. A negotiation is like a game, if you go in without having a playing strategy, or not knowing the rules, you’ll find succeeding far more difficult. The trick is, to start off knowing what you’re going to do and what strategy to use. In negotiation, there are two useful strategies:  Integrative Bargaining and Distributive Bargaining .   Either of these should be great tools in your negotiation arsenal and are well worth getting to grips with. Integrative bargaining: to find a resolution that benefits both parties equally Integrative Bargaining is otherwise known as “win win bargaining” in it both parties in the negotiation try to find a resolution which benefits them both equally. [1] The needs, desires, and fears (which in many wa

How to Become Productive Without Getting Stressed Out

Being productive is more important than ever in this age. As technology improves, the expectations that we are under from our jobs, our family and even our friends also seem to rise. Therefore, we all look for ways to be efficient as we can in all areas of our lives. But how do we do this without getting stressed out? Knowing how to deal with stress is becoming a serious problem, especially in the United States. We stress over getting along with our co-workers, fitting more into our daily schedules and, most prominently, we even stress over trying not to stress. So let’s take a look at seven ways to up our productivity, while still keeping our stress levels in check! Plan Your Next Day a Few Hours Before Bedtime Many of us make the huge mistake of planning our next day as we lie in bed. Instead, try to make a quick “To Do” list a few hours before bedtime, that way you can clear your mind and be energized for the following morning. Not only will you feel more organized, but that st

The More We Compare, the More We Lose Ourselves

What is a sure-fire to completely destroy your self-esteem with as little effort as possible? Compare yourself to others. Their achievements, their appearance, whatever it is that they have that you don’t. Completely ignore the factors circumventing their success, and the fact that you have up until this point led a very happy life. Destroy all of that contentment by telling yourself that you need to be more like “them.” Who is to blame? Science? Nature? Or instant-gratification culture? Since our developmental stages, our brains are wired to compare and contrast. It is a facet of our personalities; the preferences that we gravitate to. It is only natural that our eyes wonder and consider the possibilities of having something different. How would that something different improve our lives? If we had made an alternate choice somewhere down the line, where would we be now? Many individuals who envy and strive for the fortune of others are themselves insecure. [1] That should not be