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How to Deal with People Who Can't Stop Getting Attention

Have you noticed how some people always want to be the center of attention? Whether at work or play, they behave in a way that makes them stand out from the crowd. You meet these people regularly. “Mr. Outrageous” dresses and acts in such an eccentric way that heads turn when he walks down the street. “Ms. Flirty” oozes appeal that men can’t resist. Even women take notice of the way she moves and her sultry voice. But wait. Are these normal levels of attention seeking or something more? Attention seeking individuals may be suffering from “Histrionic Personality Disorder.” Even though you’re sure to be familiar with people who crave attention, you may not be aware that they could be suffering from a mental illness known as Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD). [1] The American Psychiatric Association defines HPD as a personality disorder characterized by excessive attention-seeking behaviors and emotions. [2] If the word “histrionic” is new to you, here’s how Merriam-Webster [3]

Signs of a Commitment Phobe and How to Deal with Him/Her

This may be one of the most common of relationship woes. Many of us have been in this situation. I remember a time when I was totally head over heels for someone. I imagined, whether rightly or wrongly, that I connected to them, and they connected to me on a level that seemed beyond communication – almost instinctive. But over time, when I imagined that connection to grow, the connection to become stronger…nothing happened. The relationship, whatever it was, seemed to stall. The answer, when revealed, was simple: She was a commitment phobe. Sometimes Love Could Go Wrong Love, when it works, when two people just click, is something indescribable. But when something is wrong, love can cause significant grief and stress. Commitment phobia has been the ending of a great many relationships. With a commitment phobic partner, you may start to doubt every aspect of your relationship with them, and perhaps even yourself. To avoid it, commitment phobia needs to be understood. About Comm

Love Doesn't Come and Stay for Good. You Have to Learn These Communication Tricks

Have you ever caught yourself complaining about your romantic relationship to a friend. Ever heard yourself saying things like: “He just never listens to me!” “She doesn’t talk to me when she’s angry!” “I just feel like we argue all the time.” Guess what? You might need to develop your communication skills with your significant other. Nobody Can Get Along with Another Person 100% of the Time Spending a lot of time with another person increases the possibility that you two will not always agree with each other. Remember, that’s normal. Nobody can get along with another person 100% of the time. But these disagreements can easily turn into arguments if you don’t work on improving your communication skills. All Relationship Problems Originate with Bad Communication Skills Having good communication skills increase your chances of having a happy, fulfilling, and successful relationship. [1] If you both work together toward improving your communication skills, your relationship will

Why Social Media Might Be Causing Depression

A study  [1] published in Depression and Anxiety found that social media users are more likely to be depressed. This was just one of the huge number of studies linking social media and depression [2] . But why exactly do platforms like Facebook and Instagram make people so unhappy? Well, we don’t know yet for sure, but there are some explanations. Social Media Could Lead to Depression Depression is a serious medical condition that affects how you think, feel, and behave. Social media may lead to depression in predisposed individuals or make existing symptoms of depression [3] worse explains [4] the study above’s senior author Dr. Brian Primack. So, the problem may not be in social media per se, but how we use it. Signs You’re Suffering From “Social Media Depression” If you feel like social media is having a negative impact on your mood, then you may be suffering from “social media depression.” Look for symptoms like: • low self-esteem, • negative self-talk, • a low mood, •

Here Are 30+ Easy High Fibre Breakfast Ideas You Can Try At Home

In the everyday hustle and bustle of life, it is not easy to recognize subtle changes manifesting in the body. When something is not quite right,the body sends out warning signs of discomfort. We tend too dismiss these signs quicker than the 6am alarm and get some quick fix medication without dealing with the root of the problem Scientific evidence  [1] clearly points out the root most health issues are poor diet habits leading nutritional deficiencies. These problems build up gradually and may not be easy to notice. The best way to tell if your diet is in good tact is by being on the lookout for the main warning signs of a poor diet . A proper high fibre breakfast will prevent diabetes, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulosis, heart disease, colon cancer and hemorrhoids. Good food essentially amounts to maintaining good health. Consume more oats,brown rice seeds,greens and nuts. Signs That You Are Not Eating Enough Fibre. Do you feel like you are carrying huge ba