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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Pastel and Soft Sculptures by Jaz HaroldJaz Harold is a New York... crss

Pastel and Soft Sculptures by Jaz Harold Jaz Harold is a New York / Tokyo-based fine artist. Her work explores the connection between the ego, feminism, sexuality, and the flow of both inter- and intra-personal energy. Recent pieces have been soft and inviting, rich with plush fabrics, yarns, and pastel hues. Her use of flower motifs connect the ideas of growth, femininity, sexuality, and love; while the repeated use of crystals represents growth within energy flows. Using an aesthetic that consciously appeals to child-like naïveté, Jaz’s work softens the emphasis on the ego, ritual, intimacy, and stigma that society generally attaches to sex.   Her Facebook. Follow us on Facebook ! WARNING - awesomeness inside. posted by Margaret crss

The Eco-Surrealist Art of Collin Elder Collin Elder began... crss

The Eco-Surrealist Art of Collin Elder Collin Elder began painting two years ago after leaving the realm of ecological conservation, which, along with a degree in wildlife biology, has focused his artwork on our deep and often inexplicable connections with the natural world. He sees his work as being a transition from conservation and how we relate to the past, into an expression of redesigning reality, inspiring an embrace of the interdependent nature of our connections with all life. His paintings reflect a deep yearning to dive deeper into those connections, showing how the health of our human community is dependent on the remembering and strengthening of them. Follow his work on Facebook and Instagram . Art not only for connoisseurs. Posted by Margaret crss


Banana Island Resort Doha by AnantaraWith its luxurious marina,...

Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara With its luxurious marina, private surf pool, and Arabian style over-water villas, Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara is one of the most exclusive retreats you’ll ever see. Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf, the 32-acre private sanctuary combines traditional Qatari hospitality with world-class sophistication. A striking collection of 141 outstanding guestrooms, suites, and villas ensure a classy, decadent stay in impeccably designed surroundings with an Arabian touch, while countless dining options invite guests on a memorable culinary adventure around the world. The spa is a blissful over-water temple, with Turkish and Moroccan hammams, and a fantastic menu of holistic treatments rooted in Doha’s rich heritage and ancient tribal traditions. Compare prices for this resort at TripAdvisor

Abstract Animations by @dkmfxr0axh7rumhs3ppvSee these animations... crss

Abstract Animations by @dkmfxr0axh7rumhs3ppv See these animations and thousands more like them: @dkmfxr0axh7rumhs3ppv Posted by Philip Follow Cross Connect on Instagram crss

julialillard:A SECRET PLACE by jlillard

julialillard : A SECRET PLACE by jlillard

Confident Public Speakers Always Focus On Their Hands Instead Of Their Audience

Remember once in your public speech experience, your hands started sweating the moment you were in the backstage, it sweated even more when you stood on the stage. Your brain is blank because you worried that you might look weird, your audience might not like your content and not drawn by your speech. Yes, focusing too much on your audience will end up making you feel so anxious and fearful! Confident people get nervous too, but they know how to trick their brains In one experiment people were separated into 3 groups, with different degrees of restriction. It is found that the more the people are free to move, having their gesture naturally, the more FLUENT they get [1] . It’s not hard to imagine. As you get the right words easier, you’ll less likely to panic. And by using hand gestures it’s shifting our focus from the audience to our own. So…where to start? Below are some common hand gestures that you can incorporate into your speech easily. 1. Listing (1/2/3) Let’s start with