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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

AFGH - Casa da Noi, Naters 2016. Photos © Valentin Jeck.

AFGH - Casa da Noi , Naters 2016. Photos © Valentin Jeck .

AFGH - Grieder Contemporary extension, and addition to a house...

AFGH -  Grieder Contemporary extension , and addition to a house previously renovated by the firm, Zurich 2017. Photos ©  Valentin Jeck .

3000fps crss

3000fps crss

More from the wonderful George RedHawk_Dark Angel0neFacebookMore... crss

More from the wonderful George RedHawk_Dark Angel0ne Facebook More unique art on Cross Connect Magazine: Twitter || Facebook|| Instagram Posted by Andrew crss

The Warehouse HotelNestled on the banks of the Singapore River,...

The Warehouse Hotel Nestled on the banks of the Singapore River, in Robertson Quay, The Warehouse Hotel combines the city’s rich heritage with contemporary industrial chic design and sophisticated amenities. Occupying a 19th-century godown, each luxuriously appointed room is an oasis of calm, complete with original masonry walls and elegant decor in soothing neutrals. The lobby bar pays homage to the building’s former incarnations with an eclectic menu inspired by the area’s spice trade and illegal distilleries, while the rooftop infinity pool offers panoramic views of the city. At Po, the hotel’s slick restaurant, guests can indulge in locally inspired home-cooked specialties such as Spicy Tamarind Barramundi and Charcoal-grilled Iberico Satay. Compare prices for this hotel at TripAdvisor

Shah of Persia's Bugatti

The Shah of Persia's Bugatti was among the more spectacular designs fit on a Type 57 chassis. Mohammad Pahlavi was born the son of Reza Pahlavi who was the Shah responsible for the modernization of Iran and he took a keen interest in Automobiles. Mohammad took over his fathers role and lead the petroleum-rich Iran from 1941 onwards. By 1979, conservative Muslims, led by the Ayatollah Khomeini, revolted and overthrew Mohammad's dictatorship monarchy.  As his second of three wives, Mohammad married Princess Fawzia, a daugher of the King Fouad who ruled Egypt. The event happened in Cairo on March 14th, 1939. Since Iran had good relations with Egypt and most of the Western World, many countries sent presents for the wedding which included a royal airplane and several unique cars, but non of them were as beautiful as this Bugatti. It was the French Government which commissioned the best talent within their country to provide a gift for the Shah's wedding. To create one of mo