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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Illustrations by Jack DalyWe’re fans of Jack’s work here at... crss

Illustrations by Jack Daly We’re fans of Jack’s work here at Cross Connect. Today’s selections include: Summer View (2016) & Making Your Way (2016) Enjoy! Follow us on Tumblr to stay up to date! crss

Painting by Edvard Munch (1863 – 1944)Edvard Munch was a... crss

Painting by Edvard Munch (1863 – 1944) Edvard Munch was a Norwegian painter and printmaker whose intensely evocative treatment of psychological themes built upon some of the main tenets of late 19th-century Symbolism and greatly influenced German Expressionism in the early 20th century. One of his most well-known works is The Scream of 1893. Art is the only way to run away without leaving home - run with us . posted by tu recepcja via crss

Barceló Torre de MadridPerfectly executed by award-winning...

Barceló Torre de Madrid Perfectly executed by award-winning Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, the interiors of Barceló Torre de Madrid are a creative mix of rich, jewel-toned furnishings, eye-catching art pieces, and playful nods to Spain’s amazing cultural heritage. Luxuriously appointed and infused with cutting-edge details, its rooms are a study in contemporary sophistication, while the slick lobby bar attracts a smart crowd with exquisite tapas and cocktails. The elegant Somos restaurant on the premises serves world-class cuisine in fashionable surroundings, and the spa comes complete with sauna and indoor pool. The hotel is centrally located in Plaza de Espana, in what was once the tallest building in the world. Compare prices for this hotel at TripAdvisor

Watercolors and Drawings by Katarzyna KmiecikKatarzyna Kmiecik... crss

Watercolors and Drawings by Katarzyna Kmiecik Katarzyna Kmiecik is an artist, teacher, and architect from Poland. She studied Architecture at Warsaw’s University of Technology and in 2012 founded an Art School (KRESKA) where she teaching teenagers and young adults how to draw. My most favorite techniques are pencil and watercolor. However, the technique has secondary importance, when I have the opportunity to draw one of my favorite subjects - fantasy, landscapes or human figure. Drawing from imagination is my strong point:) I’m also known for my pencil and watercolor landscapes and portrait skills.   Stay current with Cross Connect Magazine on Twitter and Facebook . posted by Margaret   crss

Mixed media paintings by Andrew Bret WallisAndrew Bret Wallis is... crss

Mixed media paintings by Andrew Bret Wallis Andrew Bret Wallis is a visual artist based in North Yorkshire UK, inspired by nature (in general) & phosphenes and moonlight (in particular).  My paintings explore the spirituality and essence of nature itself. My woodlands and forests are brimming with secrets, shaped by the seasons and weathered by the elements. My nightscapes are windows into the soul of mankind… full of faith, optimism, and a life-long yearning for knowledge. Star and moonlit skies filled with magic and wonder. For more check out his website  or buy prints through his on-line partnership galleries at Saatchi and Art.Finder .  Become a treasure hunter. Check out our archive . posted by tu recepcja crss

Having Trouble With Your Kid? You Two Might Speak Different Love Languages

You go to hug your kid and they shrug you off and walk away. You know there must be love somewhere in there—so why do they act so cold? Having trouble figuring out your child? Feel like they’re playing soccer and you’re still at t-ball? You may actually be speaking two different languages – two different sets of love languages. According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are 5 different languages of love [1] . They are: Words of affirmation Acts of service Receiving gifts Quality time Physical touch For some kids, nothing makes them happier than hugs and kisses. They enjoy touch . Give them frequent hugs, affectionate squeezes on the arm and pecks on the cheek. They will feel loved. Some kids, however, prefer you to say it out loud. Words of affirmations, like ‘your hair looks fantastic’ or ‘you are such a cool kid’ will brighten their day. They prefer audible affection. Sometimes kids want more proof of your love. They like it when you do things for them—  random acts of kindness

How I Saved 1000 Hours A Year By Just Quitting TV

Who doesn’t like to sit in front of the TV, curl up in a comfy blanket, and eat loads of junk food? (Okay, maybe not the junk food part.) It used to be my favorite pastime, it didn’t matter what I was watching — re-runs of Disney movies, random snippets of Friends, or the latest episode of Jimmy Fallon — I could sit there and binge watch all day on Netflix or HBO. The sound from the TV would often be my lullaby and rocked me to sleep on the couch. Let’s do some simple maths here. Simple But Shocking. Before I move on, let me throw you some “impressive” stats. Imagine if you sat in front of the TV 6 hours per day , after a year, you would have spent 2190 hours , which is 3 WHOLE MONTHS ! Just think about it. 25% of your whole year has gone to watching TV, at times you weren’t even paying attention to what you were watching. So How I Know I Have A Problem? As much as I don’t want to say I was addicted to TV, watching it for 4 hours straight every day was not a big deal for me. I us