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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Furniture and objects by Carine Jannin, Rachel & Benoît... crss

Furniture and objects by  Carine Jannin, Rachel & Benoît Convers French design studio ibride  for almost 20 years, has become the emblem of a sensitive and instinctive design. enigmatic bestiaries and dreamlike creatures have been nattering and investing themselves in our homes. Art is the only way to run away without leaving home - run with us . posted by tu recepcja crss

Sculptures by Richard HudsonRichard Hudson b. 1954, Yorkshire,... crss

Sculptures by Richard Hudson Richard Hudson  b. 1954, Yorkshire, is a British sculptor whose organic sculptures are shown internationally and collected widely. He is best known for his work in polished mirrored steel, bronze and marble with a number of monumental works on public display. My sculpture begins with an idea that surfaces in my imagination unannounced and sometimes uninvited. I start modeling the plasticine, clay, plaster or other materials to give this kernel shape and form, then at this point the final work manifests itself and materializes in my hands. What I attempt to capture, to enclose, as a kind of homage, is a form around which on every surface it is possible to trace a continuous line that holds frozen in its moment, the flux, shape, and movement of the billions of particles that nature draws together from their unbridled chaos to create pure natural beauty…that is the essence of my practice… View similar posts  | selected by Margaret c

Ibiza Campo GuesthouseTucked away in the unspoilt north of the...

Ibiza Campo Guesthouse Tucked away in the unspoilt north of the island, Ibiza Campo is a stunningly renovated 200-year-old finca with lovely mountain views, private pool, and lots of character. Designed by Ibiza Interiors in collaboration with Standard Studio architects, its cool & creative interiors are a gorgeous mélange of original structural features, contemporary artwork, and chic furnishings by Modern Vintage. The casita accommodates two adults and a max. of 2 children in plush Coco-Mat beds, and boasts a strikingly modern steel and marble kitchen with traditional stone walls.

Abstract Art by Shane Walsh.  Shane Walsh is a Graduate of the... crss

Abstract Art by Shane Walsh .   Shane Walsh is a Graduate of the University of Washington and an Associate Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin. Thanks Tempe Digital .  See more Art on Cross Connect Magazine’s Facebook Page . Posted by Lisa . crss

3 years ago I gave my tech unsavvy mom a budget camera

Three years ago I saw that my mom is really into photography. She took lots and lots of pictures with her phone, she was very excited by it. One year I decided, it's time to give her a camera. We weren't wealthy. I'd even say rather poor, so we gave her low budget camera. All that we could afford. Sony DSC-W115. After three years I'm now browsing through her albums. I'm in awe... She is really tech unsavvy. I'm kind of back on my feet and could afford a DSLR. Worth the investment ?