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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Stop Living The Traditional Social Rules If You Want To Ditch Mediocrity And Start Playing Big

“What are the lessons people most often learn too late in life?”  — a question that hits thousands of people on Quora . Guess what’s topped the list? Following the convention is said to be one of the things people regret the most later in their lives. You may be surprised: isn’t following the convention a quality of a good citizen, the quality of being a good sheep? The brutal truth is, however, following the convention is an obstacle on your path to success. It leads you to nowhere but mediocrity. The old rules only yield mediocrity. The cruel reality is that only very few of us would enjoy the taste of success. The others, no. This echoes the 80/20 law proposed by the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. An example illustrating this law is that 80% of the wealth in a society is enjoyed by only 20% of the population. The gist of this theory is that only the minority, or the elite, will succeed. And the other 80% of people will remain at the average level. Given the convention is

The Creative Process of Android JonesAndroid Jones creates... crss

Android Jones The Creative Process of Android Jones Android Jones creates deliciously detailed digital art.  His career highlights include working for George Lucas’ famous company ILM and working for Nintendo. Android currently works as an independent artist. Creating his detailed and intense art is difficult.   In an interview with Witness This Android Jones describes his creative process: At the onset of an image, I’ve been known to consciously lash out a flurried cacophony of lines, shapes, and patterns. My initial choices of tools and brushes and patterns are often haphazardly chosen, frantically switching between brushes faster than my conscious mind has the ability to comprehend any semblance of meaning. My only instinct is to create a combination of shapes, colors, and patterns that defy any semblance of reason in the hope of uncovering a combination with some sense of novelty to it. This reckless dance of pixels becomes like a meditation and it’s the on

paulabraconnot: DETAIL of new composition “teeth” for...

paulabraconnot : DETAIL of new composition “teeth” for #KosmopolisParis project.  We will continue to project the images of a blooming man in the streets of #Paris.  Tomorrow by the end of the day we will be at #Montmartre to show this composition on the buildings of the light city.  #picoftheday #streetart #arturbain #arturbainparis #streetartparis #collage #anatomy #flowers #bloom #kosmopolisparis #projection #lightart #lightartparis 

Paintings by Janusz Orzechowski Janusz Orzechowski born ... crss

Paintings by Janusz Orzechowski Janusz Orzechowski born 1982 is a fine art artist from Szczecin, Poland. He graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the Higher School of Applied Arts in Szczecin in 2006 and defended his diploma in the poster and illustration studio. Orzechowski is engaged in painting, illustration, computer graphics, editorial design and all forms of advertising. He is a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, Szczecin District and runs the GRAFpoint advertising agency in Szczecin. For more check out his SaatchiArt profile. Discover more of these gems on our Facebook . posted by Margaret crss

subtilitas: Smiljan Radic - Wood house, Colico Lake 2015. The...

subtilitas : Smiljan Radic - Wood house, Colico Lake 2015. The stilt like structure is designed around the length of un-cut construction lumber, lifting the house above the forest to views of the lake. Scans via , photos and illustrations © Yuji Harada . Keep reading

Captivating Plasticine Art from Nora UndaNora (1982 ) graduated... crss

Captivating Plasticine Art from Nora Unda Nora (1982 ) graduated in Arts with a major in Visual Arts (2006 ) , titled Sculptor with distinction at the University of Chile (2009 ) . The goal of my work is to connect the viewer to children through a material linked play and creativity that is the dough. A turn is an invitation to know forms of nature and dreamscapes that lead the viewer to question his own account and causing generate new interpretations. My work is based on the long process of study , leading from the fragments of my memory that connects me directly with intuition. The idea to frame my paintings in dough, is intended to keep the memory of childhood and care for the work perpetuity. In short, it is a call to cherish the memory that in these times is very fragile. We live daily at high speed and not worry about our memories that shape our personal history . Thanks Lustik Like our Facebook for more unique art       Posted by Andrew crss