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Surreal Renders by Joseph BsharahJosef is “rendering addict”... crss

Surreal Renders by Joseph Bsharah

Josef is “rendering addict” artist who exploring the digital space every day. His favorite tools are C4D, VRay and Octane. 

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Street art portraits by Manomatic His bio previously posted on a... crss

Street art portraits by Manomatic

Street art portraits by Manomatic

Street art portraits by Manomatic

Street art portraits by Manomatic

Street art portraits by Manomatic

Street art portraits by Manomatic

Street art portraits by Manomatic

Street art portraits by Manomatic

Street art portraits by Manomatic

 His bio previously posted on a recent article, the spotlight here is dedicated to Manomatic focus on portraits that often carry a message. As he says in a recent and precise interview:

“I view my job as a graffiti artist from an artistic perspective and a social perspective too”

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Casa ArcadiaA traditional Spanish villa within walking distance...

Casa Arcadia

A traditional Spanish villa within walking distance from Santa Eulària, Casa Arcadia makes for a comfortable, authentic stay in Ibiza.

Built in traditional Ibicencan style, the property retains many of its original features, while also offering modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a wonderful 15m x 8m pool, complete with sun loungers and underwater lighting.  

The main house’s two double ensuite bedrooms along with the three additional apartments, each with its own private entrance, are able to accommodate up to 12 guests. In terms of facilities, there’s a well-equipped kitchen, a cozy living room with TV, and a total of 5 bathrooms.

The highlights of this holiday Ibiza villa, however, are its lovely outdoor spaces, including shady terraces, al fresco dining areas, a full open-air kitchen, as well as a lovely private garden filled with flowers and palm trees.

subtilitas: Pedevilla - Fire station, Sand in Taufers 2016. The...


Pedevilla - Fire station, Sand in Taufers 2016. The firm to use for pigmented concrete fire stationsVia, photos © Gustav Willeit.

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Glass Installations by Maria RoosenMaria Roosen (born in The... crss

Glass Installations by Maria Roosen

Maria Roosen (born in The Netherlands, 1957) graduated from the Arnhem Academy of Art and Design in 1983. Roosen’s art encompasses watercolors, objects, and installations. Amongst her favorite materials for installations are glass, ceramics, textiles, and natural elements like wood and trees. To produce her works, she focuses on the execution process, on the interaction between objects, human manipulation, and creativity. In this way, not everything can be conceptualized beforehand; the materials can react in unexpected ways and unforeseen shapes can happen that become part of the artwork itself.

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An USB connector that works both ways

Don’t you hate it when you try to insert an USB connector in an USB port and it doesn’t fit that way. So you turn it over, only to find out you held it the right way the first time, but you just didn’t push hard enough.This might be history, since designer Ma Yi Xuan designed USB connector that fits both ways.

In order to provide connection both ways the Double USB has two retractable connection layers. When inserted one layer retracts back into the plastic housing of the connector and the other layer stays in place to provide the data connection.

The design is still a concept at the moment but hopefully it won’t take too long to find its way into production.