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Want To Be A Better Writer Overnight? Try This Interesting App

As a writer, you too must have faced rejection some time or the other. There have been times when our submissions have not made the mark. Our hard work returned, rejected or worse, edited in a murderous manner. So much so that our own work becomes unrecognizable. Want to be a better writer? Well, there’s hope in the Hemingway App The Hemingway Editor is an awesome desktop app that can help you become a better writer overnight. All you have to do is go to this site, which opens the application for you. There, a headline proclaims “Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.” Below that is a color-coded list of how the app highlights the errors in your writing. This will enable you to use it to write crisper, sharper and bolder sentences. How does the app work? The app grades your writing from grade 1 to grade 15. Grade 1 is an easy read and grade 15 is too difficult for anyone to make sense. It highlights your sentences to mark out long or complicated ones. You can then choo

Does Beer Actually Hydrate Us Or Dehydrate Us?

Are you the type of person who drinks beer regularly because it has such great taste, has a small percentage of alcohol, and ultimately makes you feel more relaxed? Have you ever craved a cold beer during a particularly hot summer night, having a feeling it would refresh you and quench your thirst? Yet, have you ever wondered whether it is really the case or just your subjective feeling that beer can hydrate you? Does beer actually hydrate us or dehydrate us? Its popularity differs slightly from country to country, but in most cases, beer is considered a number-one drink that can almost replace water. This is true because beer was actually used a long time ago as a cleaner alternative to bacteria-infected water. However, it should be noted that such beer was quite mild, with only about 0.5% alcohol, whereas modern beer contains about 4-6% alcohol. The facts are clear  [1] as far as beer consumption and hydration are concerned, and they all lead to the conclusion that beer actually

The Surprising Reason Why You Shouldn't Always Change Your Sleeping Blanket

Sleep. The routine, nightly journey into the dreamland that we all anticipate after a long, weary day.  As the time draws closer to the final takeoff on this special journey of the night, you might give your favorite blanket a hug of appreciation and wrap it snugly around yourself. Your accompanying sleep companion on this trip is a cozy blanket that will never leave your side and will be responsible for your comfort, ensuring a good night of rest. The chosen blanket needs to help you stay at a comfortable temperature, not too hot and not too cold. Any extreme of temperature will disrupt sleep patterns, according to Alice Hoagland, the director of insomnia services at the Unity Sleep Disorders Center in New York. Dust mites in blankets can trigger allergies and asthma, and you might end up sneezing and wheezing the night away. Upset or anxious people can use weighted blankets to aid relaxation. Weighted blankets have pellets sewn into compartments within the blanket. They aid relaxa

Scientists Urge Drivers To Drink More Water Because Being Dehydrated Is As Dangerous As Being Drunk While Driving

Have you noticed yourself making small but potentially dangerous errors in judgment whilst driving? Made an incorrect lane change or maybe even overtook a car from the wrong side? You believe yourself to be a safe driver and thus do not drink and drive – which is great as long as you do not consume spirits. But if you do not drink water or are dehydrated while driving, it may prove to be just as dangerous as drunk driving! What does dehydration do to your body? Obviously, a dry mouth or the feeling of thirst, coupled with a low urine output is the first indication your body gives when it is low on fluids. What many of us don’t realize is that dehydration affects the body variously and things like bad breath, frequent headaches, dizziness as well as mental fog are also symptoms of being dehydrated. [1] Lethargy, feeling tired or sleepy and a lightheadedness that interferes with your ability to walk or stand properly and drive may also be indications of nothing but dehydration. How c

Mentally Strong People Mindset: Accept Failures Without Doubting Yourself

If you’re an entrepreneur, you will likely experience several challenges while creating your vision. The challenge with these setbacks is the way we react to them. It’s a real blow after years of work to find that the first draft of your novel has a huge plot hole in it, discovering your business partner has let you down, or you’ve lost that big client. This kind of difficulty or rejection can make it easy to fall into negative, doubtful thinking. This can mean a loss of focus or direction for your dreams. If you’re are in this situation right now, this article can help you to take your power back, stop doubt in its tracks. You can shift from feeling lost to thinking ‘what now?’ “Don’t confuse doubting yourself with accepting failure” That’s the advice of Navy SEAL, Sean Haggerty. While we may not all be navy seals, anyone who is driven to create something or make a difference in this world will also come up against doubts. Setbacks are the worst doubt inducers. The important thin

People Start To Leave My Life As I Grow Up, But True Friendships Always Stay

Throughout childhood, your friendships play a very important role in shaping who you become. As we approach young adulthood, most of us believe that our friends will be in our lives forever. We imagine having a dual wedding, raising our kids together, and buying houses across the street from each other. Unfortunately, the reality is that people start to leave our lives as we grow older. We grow distant and lose touch with people. Our friendships are reduced to once-a-year “Happy Birthday” messages on Facebook. Maybe you’ve already started noticing this in your life. It may seem sad at first, but this is normal. Growing up means that new lifetime events and even romantic relationships become more important. But, don’t worry, true friendships will stand the test of time. True friendships will stay with you as your life changes. “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” – Attributed

Why "Speed Reading Helps You Read More" Is A Myth

If you have a pile of books to read as big as mine, you’ll understand the desire to read them as fast as possible. I have always been a slow reader, and it was only recently I considered learning how to speed read. But something stopped me. I felt that I wouldn’t get as much depth out of what I read and it turns out, my instincts were right. While you may physically look at more words when speed reading, it turns out, you won’t actually be taking them in. Here’s why it doesn’t work. The first suggestion for speeding up your reading is to take in more words than we naturally would. That means aiming for consuming whole lines instead of individual words. This is possible but we don’t really take in the sense of the sentence. It’s like trying to eat three mouthfuls at once. -Hard to digest. The second is to get rid of your inner voice that you hear when reading. The difficulty with this is that it’s a large part of reading. And if you’re not reading then what are you doing? Just looki