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Awasi PatagoniaSet in its own private reserve, near Torres del...

Awasi Patagonia

Set in its own private reserve, near Torres del Paine National Park, Awasi Patagonia is an assembly of 12 gorgeous individual villas, where rustic charm and understated luxury are perfectly balanced.

Inspired by ancient Patagonian shelters, each cabin is a stylish wooden retreat with private outdoor hot tub and fireplace, as well as its own guide and vehicle to explore this fabulous corner of Chile at your own pace.

Focused on seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, the restaurant serves up delicious, arty dishes along with outstanding views in a cultured, welcoming atmosphere.

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Paintings by Gustavo FernandesGustavo Fernandes born in 1964 is... crss

Paintings by Gustavo Fernandes

Gustavo Fernandes born in 1964 is an artist from Lisbon, Portugal. He has an academic and professional career developed in Canada and Portugal over 27 years, largely devoted to painting that led him to expose and develop contacts in several countries. 

About his work, says: “When I start a work, I live for it and only rest when I reach perfection, as much realism as possible. I like to create works that involve people’s lives, their routine, the essential in their lives”.

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The Connie Mack Stadium, Philadelphia

The Connie Mack Stadium, Philadelphia

The Colosseum, Rome

The Colosseum, Rome

The 7th Room at TreehotelThe newest addition of Northern...

The 7th Room at Treehotel

The newest addition of Northern Sweden’s Treehotel, The 7th Room provides travelers with a unique lodging experience 10 meters above the forest’s floor.

Designed by Snøhetta, the treetop cabin is supported by 12 columns and features bright Scandinavian inspired interiors filled with blonde local wood, minimalist designer furnishings, and stylish fabrics. Generous floor-to-ceiling windows afford stunning views of the Lule River and the two bedrooms come with skylights for gazing at the Aurora Borealis.

Called the Northern Light lounge, the airy living area opens onto a netted terrace, where guests can sleep under the stars. Photos: Johan Jansson.

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Paintings by Matt. R. MartinMatt. R. Martin (b.1984) is a... crss

Paintings by Matt. R. Martin

Matt. R. Martin (b.1984) is a Melbourne-based artist whose work originates from his love of life drawing and is heavily influenced by film, the representational and the surreal. He has remarkable photo-realistic skills, indeed his work is often mistaken for a photograph because of the intricate detail involved in his oil paintings.


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Orange County, HampiA modern-day palace near Karnataka’s UNESCO...

Orange County, Hampi

A modern-day palace near Karnataka’s UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi, this resort pays homage to the Vijayanagara Empire with beautifully ornate archways, majestic Jacuzzis, and Ayurvedic wellness therapies.

Built in a stately Indo-Islamic style, Orange County, Hampi houses 46 rooms soaked in royal history, a fabulous spa, and two architecturally striking restaurants serving everything, from traditional Indian fare to global cuisines.

The suites are enormous, with lavish canopied beds, in-room whirlpools, and imperial burgundy accents. The regal atmosphere is enhanced by elegant period style furnishings and vibrant local art.

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If You Know These 6 Tricks, Everyone Likes Communicating With You

How many times have you seen this scenario? You’re at a social gathering–say an office party–where people are just barely acquainted with each other. The conversations are a bit strained and are a commingling of “shop” talk, mindless chit-chat and awkward pauses. Your eyes scan the room, and you notice that Jeff from marketing keeps drawing small crowds of people to him. The people are all smiling and engaged, and no one leaves the group.

What’s Jeff’s secret? How does he do it? He’s not telling jokes or performing magic tricks; in fact, he really isn’t saying a whole lot, yet he’s been able to comfortably engage with everyone in the room.

Good conversationalists have perfected their art

Some people are naturally blessed with a dynamic gift of gab and are able to talk to anyone about anything. Meanwhile, others struggle with simply engaging in small talk. What separates the two isn’t just a matter of affability. It’s more about their approaches to communication and their willingness to hone their conversational skills[1].

Being good at conversation is slightly different than being a good communicator. Communication is just one small component of the very delicate, dynamic and active dance that happens within every conversation.

Here are 6 tips to help you become great at conversing

1. Seed the conversation

The concept of seeding a conversation[2] revolves around the idea of reaching outside of the topic of discussion and bringing in ideas that are thematically or philosophically related. It involves introducing and adding information and relating story excerpts from other domains that parallel the current topic. For example, if the topic is politics and the discussion turns to a particular candidate’s campaign strategy, you could introduce a relevant sports metaphor or relate it to an old war story illustrating a similar maneuver on the field of battle.

2. Know when (and when not) to interject personal experiences

Oftentimes, you’ll find yourself in a conversation with a person you may not know very well, and in an effort to establish common ground and appear relatable, you’ll begin trading stories with them. If they are talking about their dog that died, you might share the tragic tale of how you lost your gerbil in a big-wheel accident. But, while your intentions are simply to relate to the other person, this can come across as attention-seeking, or it can seem like you are trying to “one up” them, which is a major turn-off. Know when to share and when to simply let the moment belong to the other person.

3. Be attuned to the silent conversation (a.k.a. body language)

Being attuned to the moment when the conversation has run its course or is starting to fade is one of the most important skills a masterful conversationalist must perfect. Notice when your audience is starting to drift or become distracted or disengaged, and understand that it may be the time to end the conversation, or at least move away from that particular topic. Non-verbal cues[3] communicate far more than what is being said.

4. Listen more than you speak

At the heart of being a good conversationalist is having exceptional listening skills. Listening is an action[4]. It requires focus, concentration and lots of energy. Listening involves more than just hearing what someone is saying. It also requires interpreting, hearing context and sub-context, and reading between the lines. Listening should be done with both the eyes and the ears. It is an intuitive, active process.

5. Ask open-ended questions and give expanded answers.

Asking yes-or-no questions and/or giving yes-or-no answers are the ultimate show-stoppers. They kill the conversation, or at least stall it, and they cause that awkward silence where everyone is fishing for something to say. Being cognizant that everyone is not adept in conversation will help you work to provide expanded answers and ask open-ended questions. Giving the other person something to work with will help put at ease those who experience social tension.

6. Treat the conversation like a friendly tennis match

Do your part to keep the conversation going. One of the best ways to keep the conversational volley going is by showing emotion. The fact that we are truly engaged is demonstrated through our body language and facial expressions. Ensure that you are laughing at the appropriate places, and show sympathy, horror, or excitement as you actively listen. Your emotions and reactions should be genuine and appropriate for the tone and mood of the conversation. Save the theatrics for a different audience.

Conversations should arise organically – oversteering the conversation will shut it down quickly. Being affable, actively listening and carefully seeding the discussion will fuel the conversation and make you the talk of the party.

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