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Morger & Dettli - Barn conversion, Lumbrein 2012. Photos...

The Spanish and Swiss Legations, Washington D.C.

The Palmer House Hotel, Chicago

Design for a Monument to Democracy, San Pedro, California

Competition design for a Crematorium

The spires of the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel, New York City

The St. Paul Building on Broadway, New York City

Inside Ford’s Theatre on the night of Lincoln’s assassination,...

Hypothetical plan of Solomon’s Temple, Jerusalem

Map of San Francisco, 1853

Design for the Imperial Archives, Paris

The Drawing Room at Harbor Hill, New York

Office Haratori & Office Winhov - Conversion of an alpine...

Photography by Anka Zhuravleva Anka Zhuravleva born in 1980,... crss

Scans from the book “Der Fels ist mein Haus”, or The Rock is My...

Drawings by Maya PixelskayaMaya Pixelskaya is a retrogame artist... crss

Gion Caminada - Church mortuary, Vrin 2003. A building meant...

Gion Caminada - Sut Vitg, a slaughterhouse, butcher shop, and...

Artist: Jorge Marín Mexico 1963 With over 25 years of artistic... crss