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If You Want To Read Much More Books To Largely Improve Your Life, Learn These 4 Tricks

Entertaining, informational, and sometimes even funny, books can be the catalyst that changes your life. You can stack them up by your bedside, carry them around in your backpack, but they won’t part their pertinent information until you actually open them and start reading. Some people spend hours engrossed in the pages of a book, while others dread opening one. Your life will not change until you do, and to get that useful information downloaded into your brain, here are 4 tips suggested by Writer, Patrick Allen at Lifehacker [1] to help ease your way through reading. 4 Tips to Help You Read Better and Read More Not everyone has the luxury of 5 spare hours to dedicate to reading, but the good news is that there are ways around that problem. However, before you invest in a speed reading course, this is not one of them! There’s no magic pill to swallow or formula to make you read faster- in fact, studies [2] show that increased speed reading decreases comprehension, but there are

You Only Need 5 Seconds To Win People's Hearts With This Genius Hack

Making conversations with people is something that we do every day. Whether they are with old friends or new acquaintances, every relationship starts with a conversation. Some people are used to routinely asking people that they bump into, “How are you?” But do not really stop to wait for a response. Doing that shows insincerity which will not win people’s hearts. How do you make sure that you are sincere in listening to the other person that you are talking to? Follow the tips below to start a or keep a great relationship through a conversation: If you ask someone, “What did you eat last night?” “I had tuna last night.” You should say, “That is great that you had tuna!” If you ask someone, “What do you do for work?” “I am a carpenter.” You should say, “Oh nice! You are a carpenter. I had to call a carpenter yesterday to fix something in our house!” By repeating and reaffirming their exact answers, it makes them feel like you were sincere in asking them the question and that y

5 Unconventional Ways To Largely Improve Yourself

Adapted from  Quora The post 5 Unconventional Ways To Largely Improve Yourself appeared first on Lifehack . from Lifehack

This Mindset is Essential If You Want To Feel More Comfortable Around People

Many people today struggle with some type of social anxiety whether it is related to a particular type of social situation, or it is present in any type of interaction with unfamiliar people. Being uncomfortable around people makes life a lot more complicated since in order to achieve any goal in life – personal or professional we ought to make conversations and develop relationships with others. More so, people are social beings, and it is in our DNA to want to interact with others, it is just that for some of us, it can be quite challenging at times. The reasons we are uncomfortable around people As mentioned earlier, we as humans are dependent upon social interactions and we essentially crave those, yet for some it may seem completely natural to express themselves in front of their close ones, while the thought of interacting with strangers seems unbearable. The fear of not being perceived by others as worthy creates a blockage in people’s thoughts preventing them from being able

When You Stop Looking At Your Phone, Amazing Things Would Happen

The techno gadget world has virtually shackled us in life chains, locking out human interaction. We are all guilty of being glued to social media. Gary Turk,  writer, filmmaker and spoken word artist, reflects on the social media weapon of human disintegration in his  Youtube video, ‘Look up,’ which has taken the foreground  in urging audiences to LOOK UP. “I have 422 friends, yet I’m lonely.”  In his video, a man decides to ask for directions instead of scrolling Google maps. The video skips ahead to the future showing a true love scene that needed interaction to launch. The video shares concern for children experiencing life clogged in social media. “When you’re too busy looking down, you don’t see the chances you miss.” He then ends by asserting this: “Stop watching this video,” he concludes, “and live life the real way.” Featured photo credit: Youtube via The post When You Stop Looking At Your Phone, Amazing Things Would Happen appeared first on Lifehack .

If You Want To Be Successful, Stop Trying To Please Everybody

Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time. Arnold H. Glasow summarized his reason for success in a single, simple sentence. Here comes the question that has perpetually mystified human beings: what is the right thing to do? They say curiosity kills the cat. In a sense, that is true. Every time we make a decision, we constantly question ourselves, “what if we did it the other way round?”. We initiate battles within ourselves, leading us to be miserable no matter what we chose or did in the end. Perhaps it comes with experience, but as I grew up, I began to realize that many of these battles began because we weren’t choosing the option we really wanted. We weren’t acknowledging our own desires. And if we want success that bad, we just have to stop trying to please everybody. Don’t say maybe if you want to say no. It’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? It doesn’t seem appropriate to say “no” when someone is enthusiastically asking you to a party. I kno

One Simple and Natural Way To Help You Stay Energetic After A Night Of Insomnia

Sleepless nights are just something that we must endure from time to time due to various reasons, such as a change in our daily schedule, side effects of certain medicines, or we simply have too much on our minds. This is just something we all go through. However, if it starts happening on a daily bases, it is a serious problem. Staying awake and focused after a sleepless night can be challenging, but instead of drinking one cup of coffee after another, there is a simpler way to get us going. Drinking too much coffee can take a toll on the sleeping cycle Most of us start our day with a cup of coffee to keep us going throughout the day, and we continue to fill ourselves with coffee just to make it through the day. Yet, we rarely stop to think the effect caffeine can have on our bodies. We forget that caffeine can also be found in other drinks we consume such as tea, soft drinks, and various sports drinks, thus we take more caffeine than necessary. The intake of too much caffeine can