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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

There're 3 Types Of People When It Comes To Making/Keeping Friends. Which One Are You?

Man is by nature, a social animal. We all have a primal need for companionship and want people to understand us as we are, and share things with. Loneliness breeds anxiety and depression and whenever someone we know is going through a break-up or is stuck in a rut, we advise them to ‘meet new people’. Yet most of our problems tend to centre on our relationships and the more we grow older, the fewer friends we seem to have. If you’re wondering why your social circle has been thinning steadily, then you must realize the problem is with you and with not other people, and it’s completely in your power to turn the situation around for the better. The first thing you need to do is take a cold hard look at your life and figure out your nature, because when it comes to making/keeping friends, there are only [1] 3 types of people. So Which One Are You? 1. The Independent They make friends wherever they go, and tend to have more acquaintances than deep friendships. They usually are extrove

Next Time When You Eat An Orange, Check If This Interesting Trick Works

Ever wondered if you can predict the number of slices before you cut an orange? Check out this neat little orange trick [1]  to see how to do that! No x-ray vision needed. Hold the orange in your hand and pull the stem out. Now look at where you just removed the stem. There will be a circle of dots that branch out or protrude from the circle. Count the number of dots. One dot equals one orange segment. Are there any dots that are not fully formed? Check to see if they stuck to the stem when you removed it. If so, these are the underdeveloped segments. How many dots did you count? Now you have your answer! Reference [1] ^ Quora: What are some of the most interesting little-known things? The post Next Time When You Eat An Orange, Check If This Interesting Trick Works appeared first on Lifehack . from Lifehack

The Earlier You Understand These Truths Of Happiness The Better

The post The Earlier You Understand These Truths Of Happiness The Better appeared first on Lifehack . from Lifehack

Love Is About Choosing To Accept Someone Even If You Can't Fully Understand Them

The relationship we have with others is important for our personal growth and often we’re made to think that we must understand our loved ones on all levels – but this isn’t entirely true. Have you ever been in a situation where you just don’t understand or comprehend where another person is coming from – someone so close to you that you feel blindsided by their reaction or beliefs? Perhaps they suffer from depression where their perspective of themselves and the world around them is bleak and you just feel you can’t help or fully understand them. There are often times when you offer up your support and understanding to someone feeling stressed but you’re faced with hostility or even blame. There are important ideas to consider when it comes to accepting our loved ones whose thoughts, beliefs, and reactions can leave us feeling confused and frustrated. But understanding these concepts show that truly loving someone else is all about acceptance and responding in a non-judgemental w

Your New Habits Will Stick With These 5 Killer Strategies

I’m sure you have been there. You write down goals and resolutions, clench your teeth and swear that you will follow through. Then you miss a day. And another. And another… Soon, days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months. Before you know it, that book you said you would finish has been lying under your bed for a year, and that diet you said you would follow has become the last thing that comes to mind when you are in front of a dinner table. At one point, you felt immensely guilty, but now you just feel numb. Your guilt from missing your goals has been squashed mercilessly and cast to the back of your mind so often that doing so has almost become a reflex action. “It’s not like I don’t want to do it – I just don’t have time for it anymore,” you protest weakly. It’s normal to be slow in our journey of forming habits. Hey, it’s okay. Relax. We’re not here to yell at you for being human. The truth is, it is completely normal to run into obstacles on our trek towards building

If You Start To Travel More Often, You Can Grow Your Brain

Ready to expand your mind?  Give you brain a boost in power? Then it is time to pack your bags and take a trip. Venture out of the concrete jungles and get ready to explore. As your flight takes off and you know what is next. Trillions of new experiences.You just cannot wait. Life is awesome! The world waits. Neurogenesis sprouts out when you travel to complex, novel, and new surroundings. But First Off, Stop with the Excuses When people hear about traveling experiences they enviously spurt out ‘You are so lucky, I wish I could…’ and follow up with excuses of paying their bills, etc. What it amounts to is just that–excuses. Many may think traveling is way out of range for them, expensive and out of financial barriers. Agreed that it is not free, however you do not have to be a millionaire to see many places and build up a wealth of lifetime memories. It is not an impossible fantasy exclusively for the rich. Some Practical Saving Tips If you cannot take a trip to Vietnam why not e

Small Things You Do Can Make You Way More Productivity, Here's How

Blink. It’s 9:50 AM. Work starts in 10 minutes; I am punctual, awake, and ready for the day. Awesome . Blink. 1:00 PM. Wait, what?! I shut my eyes tightly and opened them again. There is nothing wrong with the watch. But I realized that in the three hours that just passed, I barely finished one article – which was supposed to be done in an hour. Sounds familiar? As you rush to finish what was supposed to be completed in the morning after lunch, you realize you can either: Lower the quality of work to increase your speed; or Stay in the office longer to finish all your work. Stuck between a rock and a hard place – talk about making a difficult decision! Having been in the same spot before (and I never want to be back), here is my take on procrastination and how you can boost your productivity! 1. Focus on consistency instead of quantity of actions. In 7 strategies that will help you eliminate procrastination, a fundamental point was raised – Put more importance on your c