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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Drawings by Anna KuristAnna Kurist is an Estonian artist (born... crss

Drawings by Anna Kurist Anna Kurist is an Estonian artist (born in 1990) who puts all the love, sadness, anxiety and beauty into ART. I love the idea of drawing all the emotions, expressions, feelings, etc down on paper, cardboard or carton. I’m in love with bright colors and colorless in the same time. I like dramatic feelings. Follow her on Tumblr: @ On DeviantArt: Like what you see? Follow Cross Connect for the gorgeous art! posted by tu recepcja crss

Skälso Arkitekter - Summer office for the architect’s...

Skälso Arkitekter - Summer office for the architect’s on Bungenäs peninsula, where the firm has a considerable number of projects, Gotland 2016. Photos ©  Lina Eidenberg Adamo .

Skälso Arkitekter - Byggnad 85 house, Bungenäs peninsula 2015....

Skälso Arkitekter - Byggnad 85 house , Bungenäs peninsula 2015. Photos ©  Magdalena Björnsdotter .

Thank you, Mary Tyler Moore, for all that you gave us. 

Thank you, Mary Tyler Moore, for all that you gave us. 

Street artist: JAZFranco Fasoli, more commonly known as Jaz, is... crss

Street artist: JAZ Street artist: JAZ Street artist: JAZ Street artist: JAZ Street artist: JAZ Street artist: JAZ Street artist: JAZ Street artist: JAZ Street artist: JAZ Franco Fasoli, more commonly known as Jaz, is one of Argentina’s best known and most talented street artists. His large walls are mainly related with the theme of ‘Lucha Libre’ Mexican style wrestling mutant characters locked in combat. Opposed to using conventional graffiti paint such as aerosol and acrylic, Jaz has been using other materials such as tar, petrol, asphaltic paint, soil and oil.  He is recognised for his pattern of repetition or a mirroring technique. Check our Facebook for more original art. Posted by Very Private Art crss

Five Ways Smartphones to Search Smart

The future of search engine optimization is coming soon. When people think of the future of cars, they think flying cars and driverless cars. Internet searches could undergo similarly radical changes. According to experts, phones may be doing the searching for us in the future. New technologies called “context searching” will allow this. We won’t have to ask for what we want. It will happen for us automatically. Much of this is already happening. Think of the last time you bought something on Amazon. At the bottom of the order page, Amazon writes “Those who purchased X also bought Y and Z.” Similarly, Google uses your history to show you locations you might want to visit. Here are five ways your phone will be able to “search smart” for you in the future. 1. Scanning emails Imagine this: Google scans your emails to find messages about flights and your travel itinerary. When a flight is delayed, you get a text alert letting you know it was delayed. The airlines also send text alert

Humble Beginnings – 5 Strategies for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you believe it’s time to try and make it on your own, you should know that it’s not something you should delay. The primary ingredient necessary for success is hunger – if you have that covered, other qualities like persistence and discipline will develop themselves in time. However, with so many startups arriving from every part of the world, you need to be very thorough about your research. Based on the facts you gather and discover, you can later develop smart strategies that you’ll find crucial for success. Skipping steps will make things a lot more difficult for you and you’ll increase your chances for early bankruptcy. That being said, you need to be very efficient with your homework and learn about various ways to grow your business and enable it to flourish. Learn Everything about Your Competition First thing’s first – you need to get to know your enemy . A lot of inexperienced entrepreneurs make the same mistakes of attacking a saturated market because they believe tha