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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

ex0skeletal: The Carcass (The Witches Procession) + detail and...

ex0skeletal : The Carcass (The Witches Procession)  + detail and The Skeletons  + detail by Agostino de Musi (Agostino Veneziano)

Hotel Okura AmsterdamSituated in the bohemian De Pijp...

Hotel Okura Amsterdam Situated in the bohemian De Pijp neighborhood, in the south part of the city, Hotel Okura Amsterdam brings a taste of Japan to the colorful Dutch capital. Its outstanding restaurants share five Michelin stars, while the design combines Japanese minimalism with elegant Western style. Rooms are generously sized and decorated in calming, neutral colors, and the exquisite suites come with sensational views of Amsterdam and luxuries such as separate dining/living areas, well-stocked minibars, or private cinema. From cooking workshops and wine tasting to authentic kaiseki cuisine and gorgeous French and international fare, a variety of exceptional culinary experiences await guests at the hotel. In addition to treatment rooms, the lovely Nagomi Spa plays host to a Japanese stone garden and a tea lounge, while the health club nearby boasts an indoor swimming pool, a state-of-the-art gym, as well as Jacuzzi and saunas. TripAdvisor

Some Dads Know How To Say Things That Are Totally True And Are Funny AF (20 pics)

A guy named Justin has a Twitter account “Sh*tMyDadSays” where he posts all the funny stuff his dad says?