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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Think Twice If You Want To Be A Crowd Pleaser

I think there has been a time in our lives when we have wanted to be popular. In school, the prettiest girl always got all the boys, was invited to prom by the cutest guy, was awarded homecoming queen, etc. There’s something very desirable about being popular and all the attention that comes with it. Social media is a great way to give yourself a self-esteem boost. You upload a new picture and you get a lot of attention on it, and the more likes you get, the better you feel about yourself. I think sometimes people often believe that people who are popular are the happiest. Contrary to popular belief, that is not always the case. Your number of “likes’ does not define you Let’s just say you’ve had a pretty bad day. Maybe you and your boyfriend broke up, you lost your job, or something else happened that made you feel like you’re at a really low point in your life. But, on the bright side, you feel like you look good today so you take a quick selfie and post it on your social media.

Herbed Brown Rice

A wonderful recipe from , for the steps and details visit this link Featured photo credit: Pinterest via The post Herbed Brown Rice appeared first on Lifehack . from Lifehack

What It's Like to Have Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder looks like… self-control willpower freedom However, when it sneaks out it transforms itself into restriction and starvation, compulsive eating, and doing shameful, unforgivable things with food. If you look closely enough, you can recognize it in brittle nails, thinning hair, canceled plans, and frantically raiding the refrigerator or pantry the minute everyone leaves the house. It looks like anorexia on the outside, but food addiction on the inside. It’s major weight swings, food hangovers, purging, and body shame. Binge eating disorder feels like empty happiness because you’re finally skinny enough to win society’s approval yet it feels like the scariest, oddest, most inhumane thing imaginable. You absolutely hate it, but yet are attached to it more than anything else. It’s feeling faint from going a day or two without food before you start bingeing again. It’s shame, anxiety, and depression all wrapped up into the prettiest-looking gift under the Ch

7 Reasons You Should Consider Green Juice Powders

Everyone is aware of the benefits of the greens and more and more scientific evidence do support this fact. Many vegans and fitness specialists endorse various greens i.e. both vegetables and the fruits to be consumed in greater quantities if one wants to achieve and maintain superior health. A new variation has emerged which claims to provide same benefits as the green juices themselves and it is called green juice powders. Here are some of the reasons you should start using green juice powders 1. Juicing is time-consuming It is a fact that juicing is time-consuming. You must first go through the process of buying a juicer and then also keep maintaining it. It is always a pain to find a reliable juicer at affordable prices so most simply avoid them and directly buy green juice powders to get almost same benefits. Busy professionals who are also health conscious can easily find green juices a better alternative to having healthy drinks anywhere they want. Though juicing takes

How New FDA ENDS Regulations Will Be Affecting Vaping Business Owners

The new FDA regulations (dealing with “vaping products”), may close one door, but also may open up another for new business owners. Before we get to all that, let’s take a look at exactly what the regulations are and what they mean. What are these FDA ENDS regulations The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has long been a source of contention for both the tobacco industry and the vaping industry. Until recently, the vaping industry operated at the fringes of FDA regulations, not really included in the sanctions or the safety checks required by the government department. Due to the fact that e-cigarettes and vapes sometimes use nicotine but do not necessarily have to, many vaping companies were able to bypass the FDA entirely. Tensions came to a head with the most recent set of FDA laws and rules, where the FDA passed a sweeping set of regulations on vaping products. The FDA brought all vaping products under the umbrella term “ ENDS ”. ENDS stands for Electronic Nicotine De

5 Different Kinds of Trips for a Perfect Vacation Destination

Vacation, the word itself brings a smile to our faces. Most of us want to travel the world, see beautiful places and enjoy various attractions these places have to offer. However, memorable vacations often require planning and advance preparation, especially if you travel to a different climate and culture. One thing that makes a vacation or a travel successful is choosing the right destination. Destinations can vary with the kind of trip you really want. There are many various kinds of trips and they can be planned as follows: Fun with Family If you are a family with kids, their entertainment matters the most. Choose a destination with places that both adults and kids enjoy. Places with adventure and water parks hosting, roller coasters, rides, water amusement. Zoos, Disney World and Sea world are some of the places that everyone tends to enjoy. Arrange a budget hotel for certain period of time and then take the family out for picnics as well. If you are vacationing in the UK and p

Ten-Year Mental Suffering Taught Me Ten Lessons to Be Mentally Strong

I never thought of sharing the same class with school juniors in my wildest dreams. I never thought of leaving my college degree after clearing the first year with highest marks. I never thought of visiting the psychiatrists and psychologists for my bipolar syndrome and recurrent depression treatment. I never thought of giving some thought to ending my life in an unnatural way. I never thought of sealing myself in a room to avoid human interactions. Though my journey was full of unexpected events, it left behind some valuable lessons which I’ll cherish. Here are ten lessons from my ten-year mentally traumatic journey to become a mentally strong person: 1. Take Some Time for Self-Examination I was fed up with the hide-n-seek game in my personal life because I was the one who was always hiding away from the embarrassing questions. I was the one who was screaming within without making any audible noise. I was the one who was hurting myself without showing any signs of pain. Most of