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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Hotel Chesa SalisSituated in the idyllic village of Bever, in...

Hotel Chesa Salis Situated in the idyllic village of Bever, in Switzerland’s Upper Engadin, Chesa Salis is an award-winning historic hotel filled with old-world charm and handsome architectural features. Rooms come in various designs, but all feature rustic, traditionally inspired interiors complemented by modern amenities. Some units are beautifully decorated original Engadin furniture and fittings, others boast artistic stucco decoration, yet others offer the added benefit of a wooden veranda room with scenic garden and mountain views. Delicious regional cuisine with a creative twist is served in a variety of dining rooms, each with its own distinct character and atmosphere. TripAdvisor

19 Pictures That Contradict To Any Logic

R-Rated Classics into Pixar Style Art

What happens when you mix Pixar Art Style with well-known R-Rated classics, an incredible and yet funny pieces of art from a book entitled: "Movies R-Fun". Well Josh Cooley is the man behind the book and as a Story Artist at Pixar Animation Studios; he sure does know his craft. I hope you'll be able to find all the movie titles!

What Does High Blood Pressure Feel Like?

It is possible to have high blood pressure for months or even years and remain unaware that you are suffering from this chronic condition. There are two types of high blood pressure. The first is primary hypertension (also known as “essential hypertension”) whereby a person has high blood pressure that worsens over time with no apparent underlying cause. This is usually attributable to genetic factors. The second type, secondary hypertension, occurs as a result of another disease or condition. It may be due to kidney disease, diabetes and autoimmune conditions such as lupus. Why it’s important to measure your blood pressure regularly If you have high blood pressure you should take steps to improve your health. High blood pressure puts you at risk for a range of illnesses and conditions such as stroke and heart disease. It may also point to an underlying health problem that requires urgent treatment. It is, therefore, important to monitor your blood pressure. Take it every month u