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Puffy Eyes In The Morning? This Might Indicate You Need To Adjust Your Lifestyle

Remember those mornings when you were sure you had slept well, and you knew that you had slept for at least 8 hours, but when you woke up and looked in the mirror you noticed how puffy your eyes were? And yet you are 100% sure that you did not cry while sleeping. So why is it that you have puffy eyes? For sure, you want to get to the bottom of it because you do not want to use up another stick of concealer ever again. Mainly, the cause of puffy eyes is fluid retention (or mild oedema) which is common and most of the time usually harmless. However, puffy eyes can also be caused by deeper reasons. The good news is, the more watchful we are of little things that our body might be telling us, the more that we can do to prevent it. Here are some of the reasons we may have puffy eyes: 1. Too much intake of sodium As reported by Medical News Today , having too much salt in our body causes oedema or swelling. To balance this out, we need to drink enough water and limit our salt intake. I

How Kids React When Being Shown Past And Current Pictures Of Caitlyn Jenner Will Awe You

When Bruce Jenner officially announced his transition to a woman the reactions were mixed. Ordinary people and celebrities busily expressed their opinions on social media. Being in the public eye is not a new thing for Jenner since during her athletic career she earned a gold medal in the Olympics, but this transition has been difficult as it was a huge change and there were a lot of mixed opinions. Some supported her decision as brave, while others strongly opposed the idea of Kim Kardashian’s stepfather changing his gender. In November 2015 she was awarded The Woman of The Year by Glamour Magazine. It stirred up a lot of controversies as not everyone supported the idea of giving a transgender this award. Because of the controversy Glamour Magazine finally stripped her of the award and gave it to someone else. Even kids have their own reactions and we can learn from what they voice. First, the filmmakers showed the kids a picture of Jenner taken during the Olympics in 1976. The chi

This Graph Would Tell You Why Many Of Us Are Constipated

credit: Freepik via and Madebyoliver via Constipation might seem like more of an annoyance than a medical problem, but the fact is that it is — or can be — a serious issue. Because while occasional slow bowels are unlikely to cause too much of a problem, if the issue becomes chronic it can lead to colon cancer and other serious digestive issues. While there are supplements and herbs that can help constipation naturally, most people consider that the best way to help regularize the bowels is through dietary fiber. According to the Mayo Clinic , fiber is found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, but as you can see from the infographic above, choosing just fruits or just veggies would require you to eat an unreasonable number of servings each day just to get your full quota.  And the quota is considered to be 30-38 grams of fiber for men and 21-25 grams of fiber for women. That’s a lot of fiber! If you are serious about healthy ea

Humans Are Supposed To Eat Whole Grains, But Most Of Us Are Eating Their Refined Versions

Whole grains don’t have the best reputation Whole grains have a bad reputation as dull, stodgy foods eaten by people who spend too much time worrying about their diet. However, whole grains are actually delicious when properly prepared. Moreover, they are much better suited to our digestive systems compared with more refined foods. Even if you feel as though your digestive health is currently good, you will be pleasantly surprised by the positive side effects of eating whole grain foods on a regular basis. Why whole grains are important for good health Whole grains such as wheat and rye are naturally rich in nutrients such as fiber and B vitamins, but these are lost during the milling processes involved in producing “white” or refined products. This means that when you choose white bread, white pasta or other refined products, you are missing out on the valuable nutritional benefits of whole grain products. Switching to whole grain foods will boost your energy and overall health.

8 Attractive Recipes For Better Digestive Health

The timing for the idea of this post was coincidental to me. I myself suffer from a disruptive digestive system, and I am sure I cannot be the only one in the world. Naturally, I am always on the lookout for recipes that help calm down my system, and that are also delicious to eat. Seriously, I need my food to taste good. It is not just an option to me, it is a requirement. So here are 8 recipes I looked up that are not only appetizing, but also easy to make and helps keep the digestive system healthy. 1. Pineapple Smoothie This Superfood Smoothie contains pineapple, papaya, coconut oil, cabbage and ginger. Papaya is known to be helpful to unruly digestive system, and pineapples contain enzymes that increase protein digestion. If you are worried about the taste, you can use less cabbage in this recipe. Just chop up the pineapple, papaya and cabbage, add a quarter of papaya seeds, add ginger, coconut oil and yogurt, blend it until the desired consistency is reached. Follow this link

Think That Corn Flakes Are Healthy Options? Then You Should Read This

You know the routine: wake up, take a shower, grab a bowl, a spoon, and a box of corn flakes. Sound familiar? Well, I have news for you. If you’re eating those corn flakes because you think they’re a healthy breakfast option, you may as well be eating chocolate cake. Corn Flakes Are Not That Healthy Corn flakes are far from the healthiest breakfast cereal. Actually, they are a refined carbohydrate . This means that the most nutritious part of the grain and its fiber have been removed . But, fiber is exactly what we should be adding to our diet! Because refined carbohydrates have had all of their vitamins and minerals removed , they are considered empty calories. That’s right, you’ve been starting your day on empty calories. Do you find yourself hungry again before it’s time for lunch? That’s because your body is digesting the corn flakes too quickly which causes a sharp increase in your blood sugar level. The increased blood sugar leads to increased insulin production as well. Bec