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Researches Find That Your Weight Can Affect Your Brain

The common belief if that our weight can affect only our physical health and there’s absolutely no chance for it to affect our brain. Obesity is certainly a horrible thing but it’s surely not so horrible that it will destroy the neurons in our brains right? In fact, don’t many of us adopt a sedentary lifestyle to focus more on our career and work which basically involves sitting in front of a computer screen with take-out pizzas and gaining weight? The Truth: Well, here’s the harsh truth. As per a study , our weight can seriously affect the size of our brains and how quickly it deteriorates. Which means obesity and brain function are linked and that obesity can affect the white matter inside our skull. This not only leads to dementia, Alzheimer’s and depression but it also affects memory, language and visual skills.  Battling obesity has never been this important. The Research: Scientists at the University of Cambridge did an experiment to see if obesity speeded up the brain s

85% of Americans Suffer from Malnutrition Without Even Knowing It. Are You One of Them?

Malnutrition doesn’t just happen to those in deprived circumstances. The term “malnutrition” tends to conjure up images of people who live in less economically developed countries and suffer from food shortages. We rarely consider the possibility that those living in affluent countries could also be malnourished, but due to our modern dietary patterns, it is important to be alert to the signs and symptoms of nutritional deprivation. But, how can a rich person become malnourished? Just because a person ingests a sufficient number of calories on a regular basis does not mean that they are meeting all of their nutritional requirements. It is possible to maintain a normal or even high body mass yet fail to eat the kinds of food the body needs, which can result in malnutrition. The Consequences of Malnutrition A malnourished individual will not be able to live up to their full physical and mental potential. This is particularly important in the case of young children, who will not

39 Foods/Drinks That Are Rich In Good Bacteria For Your Gut

Most of us already know that yogurt contains bacteria that eases digestion. Actually apart from yogurt there are a lot of foods that can have similar effects! Below is a big list of foods/drinks that you can try to boost your digestive health apart from ensuring enough fiber intake each day. Credit: Pinterest The post 39 Foods/Drinks That Are Rich In Good Bacteria For Your Gut appeared first on Lifehack . from Lifehack

5 Hacks to Prepare for an Amazing Ski Trip

The upcoming ski season has many of us dreaming of the fresh powder days and beautiful bluebird ski moments to come. Skiing is arguably one of the most exciting things about the winter season, which will be arriving soon. If you’re used to skiing your local terrain, you’ve probably grown accustomed to riding on the resorts you’ve already explored in your area. Although this is fun for most of your ski days this season, it might be time to take one of your favorite winter pastimes on the road with a ski trip to explore new mountains and immerse yourself in different ski cultures. Here are five hacks to help you prepare for an awesome ski trip in the 2016-2017 ski season. 1. Plan sufficiently   As you probably know, packing up your equipment and hauling it off to the resort of your choice is no easy feat. Add on the unique challenges of traveling, and the entire process gets even more difficult. However, if you play your cards right and plan correctly, you’ll find that the additional

6 Huge Lifestyle Benefits of Small Houses

Living in small houses has a lot of advantages. You should now that big does not always mean good. If you move to a smaller living space then you should know that you can make the best of it. The larger homes may look like a better option because it is spacious but living in small places may be a more convenient option. You can do a favor to the environment by saving energy with a small house. You can also save resources and money. 1. Living a cost-effective and affordable Life Living in a small place means that you can keep your expenses low as well. You do not have to waste extra money on filling up empty spaces with decorative items. When you only have a little space to fill then you are careful about the things that you buy. You will prefer to buy furniture, appliances, and electronics which are extremely useful and are essentially needed. Having a smaller room will help in prioritizing which items you should buy. Knowing that your expenses will stay within your budget will off

7 Highly Effective Ways to Generate Traffic to your Website

A strong internet presence can play a major role in enhancing the sales of your business. Good internet presence helps in earning more revenue and ensuring brand loyalty. It is important that you keep your websites up to date. You should look at the latest trends and make changes accordingly so that it helps in getting more traffic and is more profitable. You do not have to redesign the whole website to make it better. Making little improvements will help in improving the user experience. Here are some tips that you can use to improve the design of your website without doing a full redesign. 1. Make it Easier to Share Content Sharing the content helps in increasing the traffic to the site. You can reach a wider audience if you can make it easier for the visitors to share your content on different social profiles . You should add plugins which allow users to share any post with just a few clicks. The sharing process should not be complicated because if it is, then the visitors will

7 Simple Actions to Turn your House into a Dream Home

Y our home is your personal space and the atmosphere of the house has a lot of effect on the mood of the person. It is important to pay attention to the interior designing of your house. If your house is well organized and well-designed then it will have a good impression on your day. You do not have to spend a lot of money to make your house look great and to turn it into your dream home. Here are some tips that will help in improving the look of your place and make it more inviting. 1. Making Small Rooms Look Spacious If you have small rooms, they do not have to look congested. You can make them look spacious by being a little smart. One way of making small rooms look spacious is to use light colors. Paint the walls with light paint because dark colors make the room look smaller. Having large windows is also a good move for making the place look spacious. You can put mirrors on the walls because it will create an optical illusion which will make the place look bigger. 2. Do Not

6 Easy Steps to Build your Dream Website

Building a website and deploying it online is not always easy, especially when one is a complete novice. It is important you get it right because once you get it up, it will be online to the public. Here are some simple steps you wish you had known to get your project up and running. Step 1: Put Your Ideas Together Having a clear idea of what to achieve is necessary for the success of building a website, it is worth to invest your time, and put things together before anything is done. However, most people consider this phase as a waste of time but it is always the most delicate and important aspect when planning on embarking on such a project. Below are some questions, you could ask yourself before you proceed: Why do I want to create a website? What benefit will this site bring to my business? What budget can I afford? Will I have the time to regularly provide rich content for my site? Do I have the skills to launch alone? Should I outsource the creation of the website?