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theonlymagicleftisart:Paintings by Tran Nguyen, an...

Morgan & MeesHoused in a beautifully restored historical...

Morgan & Mees Housed in a beautifully restored historical building in Amsterdam West, Morgan & Mees seduces with its hip interiors, creative amenities, and honest Mediterranean cuisine. A genuine boutique property, the hotel has only 9 rooms, each with its own unique layout and atmosphere. The design is a wonderful combination of vintage and contemporary elements, and all units come with luxurious bedding, Smart TV’s, and designer toiletries. The modish Morgan & Mees Bar is an excellent place to tap into the local craft beer scene, and the restaurant is equally alluring, with its creative Mediterranean menu and cool, friendly ambience. TripAdvisor

Creative Girl Comes Up With A 17-Year-Long Revenge On Her Cheating Boyfriend (4 pics)

Harriet, a girl from Cheshire, England had a brilliant idea how to remind her ex about his screw-up for 17 long years after she found out that he cheated on her. Normally, after you cheat on someone and get caught, you’re not too proud. But this guy Dan went full asshole and asked Harriet to give him back money he paid for the Justin Bieber concert. That’s when Harriet had this great idea for a sweet revenge. Harriet set up a direct deposit to Dan’s account that’ll only give him a penny a day until the price of the ticket of $75 is paid back. She estimated that it would take about 17 years to pay the amount back in full.

A Starving Stray Pooch Gets Rescued And Taken To Almost Every Pet-Friendly Restaurant In LA (54 pics)

Popeye the dog was found by his future owner Ivy Diep who described him to be “super skinny, heavily matted, dirty." She took him in because nobody wanted him but very quickly she and her husband fell in love with the doggie plus he made friends with her other dogs. Now Ivy takes him to the best pet-friendly restaurants in town almost every day.