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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Rosewood JeddahElegant design, outstanding cuisine, and an...

Rosewood Jeddah Elegant design, outstanding cuisine, and an unrivalled level of hospitality come together to provide guests at Rosewood Jeddah with a remarkable experience. Located on the shores of the Red Sea, this luxurious Saudi Arabian hotel boasts 127 rooms and suites, all complete with state-of-the-art entertainment, lavish marble bathrooms, and 24-hour butler service. The exquisite suites are sumptuously furnished with stunning handmade pieces, and offer separate lounges and panoramic views of the city and the sea beyond. In terms of dining, there are four restaurants on the premises, as well as a handful of Private Dining Suites. The icing on the cake is the outdoor rooftop swimming pool with heart-stopping 360° views. TripAdvisor

Grand Hyatt New YorkSituated in the happening Midtown district,...

Grand Hyatt New York Situated in the happening Midtown district, just across from Grand Central Terminal, Grand Hyatt New York treats its guests to in-room spa services and a 24-hour fitness center. Modern and comfortable, the rooms blend sleek, trendy design with present-day amenities, while the plush suites come with separate dining and seating areas, as well as access to the exclusive Grand Club. New York Central, the hotel’s stylish, contemporary restaurant serves creative Western European cuisine, and the glamorous lounge next door invites you to mingle over cocktails. TripAdvisor

Adult Life Is Full Of Irony, But You Can Choose To Live It At Your Own Pace

When we were kids, we couldn’t wait to reach the adulthood where all the things seemed awesome, like not having to wait for pocket money, or go to bed early. However, when we finally reached that desired age, we see that it’s not always so awesome and that there are much more responsibilities than we thought. You earn your money, but don’t have time to spend it. You go to bed late because of being busy, but you want to sleep early. A talented artist Shenanigansen  from Massachusetts brilliantly illustrates everyday struggles of growing up. Yet, all those seemingly serious problems and dilemmas can be overcome if you decide to consider them from a different point of view. Yes, there are some situations that seem like an ironic twist, but in every such situation there is a lesson to learn which can help you at some point in your life. 1. Approach every situation as a new lesson Whatever life throws at you, don’t beat up yourself thinking there’s no way out. Every situation can either

Doing These 4 Simple Things Can Hugely Improve Your Digestion

When we have poor digestion, our bodies come under great strain because the nutrients in our food aren’t getting to our every point of our body efficiently and our health can start to suffer. The most common problems are tiredness and chronic fatigue, nutrient deficiency that leads to all sorts of nuanced ailments and even premature ageing. If you want to take action towards knowing how to improve digestion, we need to be more mindful of what we are eating and drinking. Creating optimal eating habits is the key to our overall well-being and will allow our digestion to work at peak performance. How Can We Improve Our Digestion? While the conscious choice of the types of food we put into our body is a major influence on our digestion, there are other habits that can help facilitate our digestion and give it a bit of support: 1. Good Posture People who practice yoga are much less likely to suffer from digestive problems  and this is down to posture. When we have bad posture (slouche