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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Bronze Sculptures by Romain Langlois A self-taught French...

Bronze Sculptures by Romain Langlois A self-taught French artist who has been previously working as an architect, Romain Langlois creates intriguing sculptures that question the viewer’s perception. He mostly works with the bronze starting with expressive and anatomical modeling of the subject. He chooses the bronze for its perenniality and the vibrational quality, as well as its ability to lock and reveal placed emotions. As his stretched sculptures visually pull apart the natural objects that surround us, he aims to dissect these natural elements with the bronze that represents the inner energy harnesses by his chosen materials.   Keep in touch! Like Cross Connect on Facebook ! posted by Margaret   via

Illustrations by Xuan loc Xuan

Illustrations by Xuan loc Xuan

Paintings by KiSung KohKiSung Koh was born in South Korea 1985...

Paintings by KiSung Koh KiSung Koh  was born in South Korea 1985 and moved to Canada in 2006, currently live and work around Toronto. He has received BAA in Illustration program from Sheridan College, ON, Canada in 2012. My works are meant to be my appreciation for the beauty of nature that has provided me beautiful memories and dreams. I depict dreamy and imaginative world in surrealistic way with animals that are approached in a realistic style and mysterious environments where wildlife animals could feel secure and safe. Follow him on Instagram . Like what you see? Follow Cross Connect for the gorgeous art! posted by Margaret

Ceramic Sculptures That Look Like Wood by Christopher David...

Ceramic Sculptures That Look Like Wood  by Christopher David White   Christopher David White is known for his ceramic creations that double as fantastic optical illusions. It’s hard to believe the hyper realistic pieces are made of clay, as they resemble knotty wood and dilapidated cardboard. These visual effects demonstrate incredible artistic skill and White utilizes multiple hand-construction methods such as modeling, molding, and casting in order to produce the incredible textures that make his sculptures so confounding.  His Facebook  and Instagram . View similar posts  | selected by Margaret   via

Futuristic Iveco Z Truck : Next Generation of Zero Impact Concept Truck

Iveco Z Truck is a futuristic concept of a long haul truck, it breaks a way from the standard of a zero-impact vehicle to become a totally sustainable transport system. This truck has zero CO2 emissions, thanks to optimized Liquefied Natural Gas technology and the use of Bio-methane. Based on a heavy truck that runs on Bio-LNG with conformable tanks, Z truck has been designed with enhanced aerodynamics and better waste heat recovery system. It is designed deliver long haul transport with autonomy of 2,200km. The driver-centered design aims to create zero stress environment and zero waste of time, the cabin is freed from traditional constraints, it can be configured to different driving mode from driving, office work, resting, to automated driving. Through the advanced use of automated driving technologies, this truck aims to reach the level of “zero accidents”, it’ll define how technologies and autonomous driving change the role of a driver. The HMI (Human Machine Interface) adapts t