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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

nonconcept: “Supermoon 2012 San Francisco” by Toby Harriman.

nonconcept : “Supermoon 2012 San Francisco” by Toby Harriman .

Art of Dorian Vallejo Dorian Vallejo, born in New York City...

Art of  Dorian Vallejo Dorian Vallejo , born in New York City in1968, is a Pennsylvania-based artist, who attended Parsons and received his BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.  Much of the art I create engages a fascination I have with several ideas that over lap both philosophically and aesthetically. I’m interested in the psychology of our inner selves, the conscious exploration and the interplay between the two realms of existence. Essentially, I see that process and our challenge to balance the lighter and darker sides of our persona as a beautiful dance. His Facebook  and Twitter . View similar posts  | selected by Margaret

Christine Kim

Christine Kim

allison-sommers: “Bruxism”, Allison Sommers’ sixth show with...

allison-sommers : “Bruxism”, Allison Sommers’ sixth show with Thinkspace Gallery , is up until October 8. For image details and some more detail on the works, check and her  Instagram.

Artist: Byoungho Kim Born 1974 in Seoul. Kim creates what we...

Artist: Byoungho Kim Artist: Byoungho Kim Artist: Byoungho Kim Artist: Byoungho Kim Artist: Byoungho Kim Artist: Byoungho Kim Artist: Byoungho Kim Artist: Byoungho Kim Artist: Byoungho Kim  Born 1974 in Seoul. Kim creates what we simply can’t see: Sound itself. Geometric waves, relatively on the sound’s frequency, get bigger or smaller, messy or straight. Creating sculptures, Kim makes the immaterial medium material, and his interpretation teaches us and opens our eyes to an interesting aesthetic of something we would never have thought of.   (previous article in 2014 ) Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art

Christine Kim

Christine Kim

Corrupted Artwork by @vvideoclubPablo aka @vvideoclub is a...

Corrupted Artwork by @vvideoclub Pablo aka @vvideoclub is a 25-year-old artist from Chile. A year ago, he was dropping out of film school and trying to get in to digital processing such as slit-scanning and pixel sorting. While working with a friend who was bending / building audio, he was lead to analog video processing. “I approach my work trying to overcome the 2D nature of the display through feedback and voltage control, focusing in simulating moving shapes and ethereal landscapes.” Posted by Philip ‘Like’ Cross Connect on Facebook