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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Street Artist: Okuda Okuda San Miguel Erice was born 1980 in...

Street Artist: Okuda Okuda San Miguel Erice  was born 1980 in Santander and based in Madrid since 2000 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. Since its inception in 1997, his pieces on rail-roads and abandoned factories in his hometown were clearly recognizable. Parallel to his work in the street, Okuda also starts producing more intimate works in his studio, with which from 2009 evolves into a more personal way. Check out his Facebook . Art not only for connoisseurs. Posted by Margaret

Photomanipulations by buckhead1111Selected works...

Photomanipulations by buckhead1111 Selected works by  buckhead1111 , an artist from Maui, Hawaii. His work has a very distinctive style.  Using many layers, I “paint” photos with photos of textures that I create - he says. For more check out his Tumblr . Our blog is on many platforms - keep up with us on FB , Twitter , and Instagram . posted by tu recepcja

DUOECHO: A Pair of Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Snaps Together into One Unit

DUOECHO offers a true stereo sound, just split this speaker into two. Most bluetooth speakers do not offer a true stereo speaker setup. Even with added stereo capability, two speakers in one box still do not give much separation. So the designer of DUOECHO provides a new concept of stereo speaker. It is a pair of unique Hi-Fi bluetooth stereo speakers that feature magnetic design. Split them into two separate speakers, DUOECHO are two stereo speakers provide high-fidelity stereo experience. Snap them together, DUOECHO is a singular unit (which looks like a mighty mug) that user can take it to anywhere. Designer : DUOECHO Team [ Pre-Order ] The neat twist with diamond-cut edge is inspired by the simplicity of bamboo wind chimes. In addition of its stunning sleek design, DUOECHO is packed with 4 high-quality speaker drivers. The tweeters are nano-coating silk dome which deliver clear notes. The Kevlar reinforced pulp fiber cone woofers also provide powerful bass sound. It’s hard

Embroideries by Jessica Tang Jessica So Ren Tang is a...

Embroideries by  Jessica Tang Jessica So Ren Tang is a Chinese-American artist. She received a Bachelor of Art in Studio Art from Mills College, Oakland, and has exhibited in various galleries. With embroidery, I explore my Asian-American born identity-the dualism of being too Asian to be American, and too American to be Asian. In my object series, I recreate familiar Asian American objects that take on the visual identity of the original object but reject said identity due to its material. In my girl series, I replace the facial identity of suggestively posed Asian women with Asian textile patterns. The patterned skin creates a broader spectrum of Asian identity; it becomes more ambiguous and fluid as identity moves between the two. Follow her on Instagram. Become a treasure hunter. Check out our archive. posted by Margaret

Elle : A Swimming Prosthetic & Swimwear to Optimize Amputee’s Ability to Swim

The intention of Elle design is to help amputee to swim much better. Most of the time, we take for granted our ability to swim. Della Tosin, a product designer, was inspired to find a solution to help those with physical disabilities. It’s her main principle to design a product that improves lives and potentials of the users. Elle is a set of a prosthetic leg and a swimwear , designed to optimize amputee’s ability to swim by creating more balance and maximizing energy return from launch off and flip turns. This set supports the body using latest technology, designed to assist single-leg amputees to competed with able-bodied swimmers. Elle is specially designed to address the needs of physically disabled people in swimming. Designer : Della Tosin Photographer: Eric Chang The prosthetic leg offers an adjustable air chamber for better control of buoyancy, it helps amputees to maintain their streamlined position in the water. User can personalize Elle’s frame to match the volume of