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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Animated Gifs by Lana Topolbehance l tumblr l dA I instagram 

Animated Gifs by Lana Topol behance l tumblr l dA  I instagram  

Art by CrawwShaun Friend aka Craww is a self-taught artist,...

Art by  Craww Shaun Friend aka Craww  is a self-taught artist, based in Sheffield, UK. He enjoys seeing his creations taking on a life of their own as their world is realized with a mixture of elegance, balance, and disciplined chaos, using oils, acrylic, graphite, charcoal, ink and whatever else is at hand. For more of Craww’s art check out his website or if you like to find him on F acebook  or  Instagram . Art not only for connoisseurs. Posted by Margaret

Illustrations by  Karl James Mountfordwebsite l instagram l...

Illustrations by   Karl James Mountford website l instagram l tumblr l shop

Encircle 360-degree Speakers Feature Smart System to Unite Each Module for Immersive Surround Sound Experience

Encircle 360-degree Speakers are modern, a set of portable speakers that offer you extraordinary sound quality without sacrificing full music immersion. Submitted by Cody Moore, this speaker system concept retains volume, quality, and its compact size while offering a full surround sound experience. In order to make this speaker emits a surround sound, simply remove the strap and place these seven speakers around your work area. The smart system would automatically sync the volume and location to create a uniform audio space while user can control the music through the command base. Designer : Cody Moore The first six speakers don’t have any buttons or knobs because they are controlled by the command base. To activate a speaker, simply remove it from the stack and place it wherever you want it to be, it is instantly synced to the command base and is ready to play your music. When one of speakers is low on power, simply place it under or over the command base in a stack, it’ll c

Book Covers by  Karl James Mountford website l instagram l...

Book Covers by  Karl James Mountford website l instagram l tumblr l shop 

Abstract Art from Joe PapagodaThanks Joe for your submission  ...

Abstract Art from Joe Papagoda Thanks Joe for your submission   Submit here

Breathe : Smart Air Filtration Device in Form of A Necklace

When you live in big cities, you’ll notice the level of pollution is increasing by days. We have the right to stay healthy, why not fight for clean air? Jordan Steranka and Tai Geng are two industrial designers that wanted to provide you with a smart solution to protect you from harmful air pollutants. Breathe is a smart air filtration device, it doesn’t feature ugly or socially awkward design, it’s been designed to look like a plastic whistle. A simple product that won’t create a barrier between its user and people around them. Simply wear it on your neck, just like a necklace, you can easily put it in your mouth in time of need. Designers : Jordan Steranka and Tai Geng When designing Breathe, the primary goal was to allow user to breath as normally as possible without restricting air flow. The physical models were tested on many people to ensure comfortable user experience. The secondary element of Breath is that, it’s a smart device. You can connect it to you phone, the custom