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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Cross Connect Magazine is very honoured  to be able to show some...

Cross Connect Magazine is very honoured  to be able to show some of  CT Nelson’s new work for his Solo Exhibition “Perpetual Motion” Nelson’s new works are expressions of the natural dynamism of the universe in which we are immersed. Everything around us is constantly in motion and undergoes innumerable changes over time. Nelson’s amazing skills allow him to catch that universal energy and fix it on his canvases while maintaining its powerful dynamic qualities. In Nelson’s new paintings, the wild waves of stormy seas mix with the eternal flames of the artist’s inner metaphysical world. His emotive brushmarks appear to go from smooth and watery to choppy and expressionistic in the blink of an eye, creating that sense of perpetual motion which gives the exhibition its title. Nelson’s work is not to be defined as abstract. “I don’t consciously base my work on anything, so how could it be abstracting?” explains the artist. Elements as opposite as cosmic matter and oil pain

Eyecatching Illustrations by Carolina Rodriguez...

Eyecatching Illustrations by Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor  a.k.a.  alterlier  is a freelance illustrator, based in Bogotá, Colombia. In her work she likes to build bridges between alternate universes and reality, creating forms of life capable of living in fantasy and illusion. Stay current with Carolina’s work by following her on  Instagram . Cross Connect Mag // Facebook - Twitter - Instagram posted by tu recepcja

Illustrations by Sam F, an artist from Chongqing, ChinaFor more...

Illustrations by  Sam F , an artist from Chongqing, China For more check out his  website . View similar posts  | selected by Margaret