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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

nk-illustrates: Thai Tea Fox P2.

nk-illustrates : Thai Tea Fox P2.

crossconnectmag: Some of the new lighting designs from...

crossconnectmag : Some of the new lighting designs from COZO COZO is inspired by the intersection of science, technology, art and design. Located in the heart of San Francisco, COZO takes our passion for form and expands it into thought provoking lighting pieces for the home with the desire to bring geometry into the hearts of people all over the world.Get in touch! You can email us at We would love to talk to you! All products are laser cut wood painted gold.    COZO’S Facebook Illumination brought to you by Andrew Switch on over at our Facebook

Simon Prades

Simon Prades

Kombos : World’s First Full Size Modular Keyboard

Kombos Modular Keyboard was born out of dissatisfaction with current keyboard products. The company claims this product as world’s first fully modular keyboard that you can take with you anywhere you go, whether you are on-the-road or in the studio. Kombos is a portable, wireless, modular MIDI keyboard that offers you full size, high quality keypads, you won’t feel the difference while performing. This keyboard has been designed to be extremely user friendly, it’s easy to assembly a unit. Designed as Bluetooth enabled keyboard, you can easily connect it to your mobile device and work with your preferred recording app. The final product features expandable combinations from 25 to 61 keys, you can customize your own sizes thanks to its modular system. From : Kombos Kombos : World’s First Full Size Modular Keyboard is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Simon Prades

Simon Prades

Tram Design for Klaipeda by Andre Divejev

This tram has been designed to answer the challenge of designing modern and appealing transportation for Klaipeda. This public transportation must reflect the city’s cozy and harbor style, introducing a new key element into its appearance while allowing the city to get its deserved attention from tourists and social communities. Lithuania’s city of Klaipėda is situated on a fine coast of the Baltic sea adjoining cozy, well preserved pine forests. All year round it’s caressed by chilly winds and salty scents, coming from the vast spaces of the sea. Before the second World War, it had carried the name of Memel and belonged to Germany, therefore has retained many of the architectural elements that speak of its foreign past. The rigor of German aesthetical language is still clearly recognizable in the urban environment and in some places forms its unique and somewhat Nordic character, making the city refined and noble. Hence, it is a favorable environment for adding tram line and raising