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Futuristic IM Motors AIRO Electric Car with HEPA Filtering System and Configurable Interior

Art and Animation from Katty Huertas“Favorite traffic...

Art and Animation from Katty Huertas “Favorite traffic sign” Tumblr Thank you for your submission!  Submit here

Livesglass : A Pocket Sized Greenhouse Environment

Liveglass offers you a pocket sized greenhouse that you can place on your desk. It’s a cute miniature of greenhouse environment, it irrigates itself via drip irrigation system, now adding greeneries around your small apartment is not that hard. This concept plant has been designed for those who feel that growing houseplants is cumbersome, Liveglass offers a low-maintenance plants for individuals to add some nature in their environment. Inspired by the hourglass, this concept functions as a metaphorical reminder that it is important to protect our environment. There’s a mini water tank at the top, the system irrigates the plant through drip irrigation. Water slowly filters into the flowerpot, you don’t need to worry about insufficient or excessive watering. Produced oxygen flows through the bottom opening as the result of photosynthesis process, then emitted for air purification. Designer : Xindong (Jonathan) Che [ Pre-Order ] Livesglass : A Pocket Sized Greenhouse Environmen

Street art by Natalia Rak Also known as Rak, Natalia was born in...

Street art by Natalia Rak Street art by Natalia Rak Street art by Natalia Rak Street art by Natalia Rak Street art by Natalia Rak Street art by Natalia Rak Street art by Natalia Rak Street art by Natalia Rak Street art by Natalia Rak Street art by Natalia Rak  Also known as Rak , Natalia was born in 1986, graduate of Fine Arts in Lodz. She uses brightly colored  and vibrant paint to internationally create murals. Her main themes are larger than life portraits, self-portraits for the most, sometimes with her partner. She plays with a dreamy, sensual and sensitive symbolism related with childhood. She had the balls to quit her graphic designer work and I put everything on one card. Lucky us! Natalia Rak on CrossConnectMag -  Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art

Citroën CXPERIENCE Hybrid Concept Car Features “Citroën Advanced Comfort” Program

Citroën revealed its latest concept ahead of Paris Motor Show, Citroën CXPERIENCE concept car . It’s a futuristic concept car that boasts the brand’s capacity to deploy its “Be different, feel good” promise into the large saloon segment. It features unique body style with system that illustrates the benefits of the “Citroën Advanced Comfort” program. Open the car, the cabin has been designed with inspiration from architecture, decoration, and furnishings. It features work of clean, contemporary lines with premium materials that feature citrus yellow shade to represent the idea of fresh and optimistic. From : Citroën CXPERIENCE is a car apart, it is completed with an intuitive human-machine interface where you can enjoy continuity between digital worlds for driver and passengers. Its smart technologies provide interaction and contribute to smoother use of vehicle and all its equipment, passengers will play a full role in each journey. This car aims to become a true invitation to t

Scootboard : A Kickscooter Inspired by A Skateboard and A Longboard Design

Tamar Canfi, a young industrial designer, has come up with a personal transportation that allows you to cruise the city street easy. It’s called ScootBoard . This type of transportation is ideal for short distances of up to 1.5km in urban environment. Just like its name suggests, it blends best features of a skateboard and a scooter in one, making it compact, easy to use, and highly portable. User can carry it anywhere, including on crowded public transportation. ScootBoard can be easily folded down and carried just like a skateboard. Designer : Tamar Canfi Scootboard : A Kickscooter Inspired by A Skateboard and A Longboard Design is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design