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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Illustrations by TacoSauceNinja

Illustrations by TacoSauceNinja

Illustrations by TacoSauceNinja

Illustrations by  TacoSauceNinja

Vibrant Drawings by Beatriz RamoBeatriz a.k.a.naranjalidad is a...

Vibrant Drawings by Beatriz Ramo Beatriz a.k.a. naranjalidad is a 26-year old, Spanish artist and architect with a passion for portraiture. Born in Alicante, he decided to move to Madrid to study architecture.  Naranjalidad translates into “ orangeness ” a word she feels manifests the inner being of the orange, just as her work captures the true nature and inner being of its subject. Find her on Instagram  and Twitter  or buy prints in her Etsy shop .  Like what you see? Follow Cross Connect for the gorgeous art! posted by Margaret

GIFMK7Visual works of Vincent ViriotMore unique art: Instagram...

GIFMK7 Visual works of Vincent Viriot More unique art: Instagram || Twitter || Facebook Posted by Andrew

nevver: Little girl lost, Véronique Dorey

nevver : Little girl lost, Véronique Dorey

Illustrations by kelogsloopsdA l tumblr l fb l shop l society6 l...

Illustrations by kelogsloops dA l tumblr l fb l shop l society6  l instagram

Shadow Concept Cell Phone for SONY Features Dual Thin Display System

Submitted by Mladen Milic, Shadow is a concept cell phone proposal for SONY. It’s a project that offers convenient, free space for your fingers with roomier and clearer screen display, it would be really comfortable when watching movies, playing games, surfing, sending emails, or just sending text messages. Inspired by Royole’s new 0.01mm full-color display, it’s world’s thinnest display, Mladen wanted to create a new cell phone based on that technology. Shadow is designed with two displays, and when fully opened, the top display can be lifted to 45-degree angle for better view. Designer : Mladen Milic There’s a touchpad for scrolling, located at the left side of keyboard. At the right side, user can find zoom and enter buttons. The volume buttons are integrated into the side frame while the earpiece speaker is integrated into the front facing speaker on top. LED notification alert is located on two-angle edge, at the metal side chassis of the phone. In this way, the LED light i

Illustrations by Kit Mizeres Kit Mizeres is an illustrator...

Illustrations by Kit Mizeres Kit Mizeres  is an illustrator recent graduate from the Columbus College of Art and Design. Stay up-to-date with his work by following him on Tumblr ,  Twitter , and Instagram . You can also  buy prints . View similar posts  | selected by Margaret