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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Futuristic Ecosystems by Nicole Gustafsson...

Futuristic Ecosystems by  Nicole Gustafsson a.k.a nimasprout American artist Nicole Gustafsson uses delicate, dreamy colors to paint the atmospheric details of a series of otherworldly ecosystems. The painted structures appear disjointed from their original landmasses, meteors flung far from each other and left to float out in the galactic abyss. Follow her on Twitter . Meet us on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram posted by Margaret   via

nonconcept: Inspiration: Summer 2016

nonconcept : Inspiration: Summer 2016

Photography by Magdalena RussockaMagdalena Russocka (featured...

Photography by Magdalena Russocka Magdalena Russocka (featured previously) is a true master of photography. On her pictures come alive scene like a fairy tale. Living every day in Dublin draws inspiration from the Irish landscape - misty fields, mysterious lakes, castle ruins. Each image is a different story. Follow her on  Flickr  and  500px . Want to keep up with art?  Check out our Twitter feed.   posted by tu recepcja

Collages by Deborah Stevenson Deborah Stevenson was born in...

Collages by Deborah Stevenson Deborah Stevenson  was born in Washington, DC. She grew up in Tokyo, went to high school in Baltimore, and got her BA from Sarah Lawrence College in NY.   I began working in paper collage in 2010. I mix classical with commercial/quotidian imagery, with the intent of creating provocative juxtapositions exploring concepts of power, the Feminine, and the mysterious. The collage pieces arise in an “automatic” way, presenting themselves spontaneously as I mix and move the pictures around on the table in front of me.  There is no specific “goal” or intent when I begin - it’s more as though I am letting the images find each other, and facilitating their communion when they “speak” to each other.   Stay updated follow her work on  Facebook  or buy prints . View similar posts  | selected by Margaret

Vision GT Concept Car Proposal for Ferrari by Peter Spriggs

As a Ferrai fan, Peter Spriggs wanted to design a Vision Gran Turismo car, infused with Ferrari’s DNA. You can read his explanations about this special project below. The Ferrari Vision GT is an unofficial concept for the Vision GT range. Ferrari is one of the few manufacturers that doesn’t submitted its custom design to the game and I thought that as a 3D modeler in the automotive industry I would have some fun designing a vision of my own. The car takes inspiration from several Ferrari’s that have come and gone over the years, most notably the La Ferrari with the sweeping intakes and the shark like nose. The car lacks a conventional windshield and instead opts for a completely virtual cockpit arrangement. Cameras placed around the car and under perforated painted panels are seamlessly stitched together using an advanced integrated system to provide the driver with a perfect and highly accurate 360 degree view of the race track. Each camera is linked to the others and there are en

Naxe : Professional Axe for Search and Rescue Teams

Hakan Gürsu has designed Naxe , a professional axe specially designed for search and rescue teams. Rescue missions usually need sturdy and stable tools for maximum performance. The innovative design of this axe allows for distribution of the force evenly without vibration, it creates better shear force for cutting. Using high tech materials, Naxe Axe offers lightweight tool with an efficient grip and ergonomic curved handle. This axe is offered with sheath and leash with various color options, it is also suitable for manual utility tasks. Designer : Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis Tuvie has received “Naxe Axe” project from our ‘ Submit A Design ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication. Naxe : Professional Axe for Search and Rescue Teams is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design