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thecollectibles:Art by Eugene Korolev

Rebirth by satiiiva

Rebirth by satiiiva

Great Animations from GraphonauteGraphonaute was founded in...

Great Animations from Graphonaute Graphonaute was founded in August 2013. All gifs, images and videos appearing on his website were made by Hugo Germain. Website

Art of Aqualumina: Nishikigoi by Justine Lerma

Art of Aqualumina: Nishikigoi by Justine Lerma

Illustrations by Pauline Teunissen / La Scarlatte La Scarlatte...

Illustrations by Pauline Teunissen / La Scarlatte La Scarlatte is an illustration and design studio from Amsterdam, Netherlands. For inspiration La Scarlatte regularly cycles over the canals of Amsterdam in search of hidden urban (visual) treasures and you can find her at the local Zoo or the Hortus Botanicus, where she is drawing an evergrowing collection of animals and plants. The artwork consists of detailed, elegant, and hand-drawn designs and it results in rhythmic, organic illustrations. This unique style is applied in individual artwork, but also in surface patterns. On Facebook . Art is the only way to run away without leaving home - run with us . posted by Margaret

nonconcept: Inspiration: Summer 2016

nonconcept : Inspiration: Summer 2016

Dynamics Concept Earphones for JBL Features 3D Printed Soft Texture on The Tip

Designed by Marco Schembri , Dynamic concept earphones offer universal products for everyone to enjoy music. It’s a design proposal for JBL, you can read his explanations below. Concept earphones project developed for JBL on behalf of Harman International. I started from the consideration that JBL always created versatile products, easy to use, comfortable and designed to can be the perfect products for everyone, no matter sex no matter age, no matter when and where. After months of researches and medical consulting, the goal was to create a very versatile product to meet the different market requirements, so I created a dynamic model of earphones with different studies on all the different parts, taking care of every single details in the best way possible. Why Dynamic? Innovative shape changing system Innovative 3d printed texture on the earphone tip allow a perfect soft fitting for all the different sizes Dynamic TPE soft part allow to have a comfortable earphones Dynamic so

Grayscale artworks by James BulloughAmerican street artist,...

Grayscale artworks by James Bullough Grayscale artworks by James Bullough Grayscale artworks by James Bullough Grayscale artworks by James Bullough Grayscale artworks by James Bullough Grayscale artworks by James Bullough Grayscale artworks by James Bullough Grayscale artworks by James Bullough American street artist, James lives and works in Berlin. He made a series of artworks on walls and in his studio that are avoiding the use of colors. In that way, we can clearly perceive his fascination for the human body. For him, there is no other subject in the realm of imagination more tantalizing, familiar, provocative, and graceful than the human body and the endless possibilities of its positioning and movement. Another aspect of his work: his collab with Addison Karl as JBAK here Check our Twitter and Facebook for more original Art Selected by Very Private Art  

Maestro Electric Violin with Companion App to Help You Learn to Play Easier

There are many ways to learn to play musical instruments these days, but learning to play violin can be difficult. Maestro Electric Violin is a concept electric violin that aims to help you to learn to play violin easier. It helps beginners to focus better, forget about all those boring and long time processes of learning the basic. Maestro electric violin features LED light signals so that player would intuitively know where to hold the strings. The LED feedback system would dramatically increase the fun in learning process, learning a string music instrument would be much easier. This electric violin also comes with a companion app that you can install in your smartphone, this app would give you real time feedback of any missed notes, record your play, or suggest to repeat training of notes you’ve missed. Designer : Junguk Shin Maestro Electric Violin with Companion App to Help You Learn to Play Easier is originally posted on Tuvie - Modern Industrial Design

Immortus Solar Electric Sports Car by Evxventures

Available in limited edition, Immortus is a solar electric spots car inspired by world portrayed in post-apocalyptic movies. It relies on the sun to power its engine with on-board storage capacity, designed to exhibit a toughness that you won’t see in any other cars. Its ability to run on power from the sun and keep extra energy for later use makes this car very practical with infinite endurance. Just as long there’s a sun, this car lives. Immortus is not ordinary car, that’s why traditional approach to vehicle design is no longer valid. The company needed a new breed of automotive engineering design team to answer this challenge, user should be able to drive Immortus across a continent. Keeping that in mind, world class advanced engineers from multiple disciplines are gathered to create a new, radical concept car. The main focus is on leanness of mass without sacrificing safety and full utilization of the sun’s energy to power the car’s engine. Designer : Evxventures Immortus i